When you start an online business or a website initially in France the Shared Network works well, since you have a limited audience. But as soon as the business grows and your website starts attracting tons of traffic the shared resources become insufficient. That’s when the Dedicated Server France appears in the scene. A Dedicated Server Hosting France brings in Ultra Fast Speed, Premium Resources, and Advanced Data Security leading to easy traffic handling and the best user experience.

So, in this article we will learn in detail about what a Dedicated Server is and when should you opt for one to achieve the desired results.

First What is a Dedicated Server?

So, as the name suggests a Dedicated Server refers to the type of server in which all the server assets are allocated to a single user. Unlike a Shared or a VPS server, a Dedicated Server is not split with other users. You may opt for a Shared Server in the initial period but later on, you have to find a Robust and Reliable Dedicated Server.

Due to private resources and premium services, a Dedicated Server in France provides unbeatable performance. It comes in-built with Data Center Grade SSDs and NextGen Processors.

With such excellent features and high uptime, the France Dedicated Server avoids website crashes due to high traffic and also provides faster loading and transfer times, the features which are usually missing in a Shared Server.

When should you Choose Dedicated Server France?

Dedicated Server France

Dedicated Server in France

As we mentioned earlier, a Dedicated Server provides super fast speed and performance. But now you must be wondering do I need a France Dedicated Server? So, below are the four points helping you infer whether you need a Dedicated Server or not

When your website starts encountering high traffic

The first and foremost reason to opt for a Dedicated Server is when your website starts experiencing High Traffic. If you continue using a Shared Server even during the time of traffic surges your website’s performance will decline significantly. Higher bounce rates and poor user-experience may result in a huge loss of revenue.

Statistics say that “53% of visitors leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.” 

The France Dedicated Server easily handles masses of traffic and helps in reducing bounce rate and page load time. So, especially a large online business and an eCommerce website must choose a Dedicated Server to achieve the desired sales goal.

When your Website requires High Security

In a Shared Server, security is a big concern, since the server resources are being shared with dozens of people. So, if there is a malicious website in the shared network the security of your website is on the verge. 

The website which stores the sensitive information of the users such as credit card and online banking details, etc, couldn’t afford such risk. In a Dedicated Hosting France, there is a very rare possibility of a security breach, as all the server resources are of a single person. No one else can enter your server network.

When you need Greater Control over your Web Server

If you need full control over your server’s resources then a Dedicated Server is the absolute choice for you. A Dedicated Server permits you to manage and control the server configurations as per your requirements. 

Moreover, with the Dedicated Server Plan, you may also select the operating system you want. So, with this exciting feature, the Dedicated Server becomes an in-demand choice for Web Developers.

When you Need Flexible and Scalable Server Resources

A Dedicated Server France is the optimal choice if you expect that your website traffic will expand in the near future. The Dedicated Server provides you the alternative to personalize the Server Configurations. If the present server resources get limited then you may increase to meet your needs.

 You can increase the hardware capacity, including the memory and storage space based upon your requirements. Hence, you are free from the hassle of account migration or changing the type of server with a Dedicated Server Hosting.

Where to buy the Best Dedicated Server France from?

France Dedicated Server

So, till now we have discussed all the possibilities in which you should select the France Dedicated Server Hosting. But now the question which arises is who provides the Best Dedicated Server France with all the necessary features and benefits.

So here is the answer!

Serverwala an award-winning web hosting provider company with more than 7000 customers spread across 200+ countries provides the Best Dedicated Server France at Cheap prices.

Serverwala’s Dedicated Server comes in-built with Data Center Grade Resources and Fully Upgraded Technology resulting in unbeatable server performance. It also ensures smooth operation through 99.99% uptime and redundant network connectivity. Moreover, it safeguards your sensitive user information through it’s in-built DDoS attack prevention. 

The Dedicated Server in France is also highly scalable. It allows custom configurations, so that you may easily adjust the server resources whenever you feel the need for it.

Further, if you face any problem in the day-to-day operation of your server you may contact their technical support team 24/7.


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