The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a Muslim holiest place commemorated by the Muslims of all strata and backgrounds. It is the cornerstone of Islam and the Home of the Last Holy Prophet (SAW) of Islam. Therefore, this Arabian land is an apple of the eye of each and every Muslim in the whole universe. The Arabian Kingdom is the proud container of the Muslim holiest cities of Earth. These two twin cities are Makkah and Medinah. In these two Saudi twin cities, the enormous throngs of uniformed Muslims are seen performing their religious rites of Hajj and Umrah respectively.

Unlike Hajj, it is an Umrah season now a day. Therefore, every financially and mentally sound Muslim should plan to perform their Umrah on a priority basis to purify their hearts and souls and multiply their wealth with the blessings of Allah (SWT). Moreover, for your ease and convenience in Umrah planning, you can readily have online access to the various certified travel agencies which give you an ample opportunity to Book Cheap Umrah Packages online with Flights in order to come up with all traveling and residential requisites for you and your families.

Dates -A Common but Most Important Saudi Souvenir

Whenever the Muslims go for their umrah and hajj, they bring this small and incredible dry fruit for their friends and families. Indeed, it is a precious gift of your Spiritual strife with numerous medicinal properties and health benefits.

Absence of Dates from our Homes

This Brown-colored and heavenly dry fruit must be regarded only as of the Umrah or Hajj Souvenir. When the Hajj and Umrah pilgrims bring this tasty and beneficial dry fruit at home. It is consumed with utmost religious respect. However, when this Saudi souvenir ends up, we don’t bother to savor this incredible dry fruit again. We find no time to buy this small sweet again after our Umrah or Hajj.

Religious Significance of Dates

The date is the symbolic Dry fruit of Islam. It holds an immense religious significance in Islam. The Islamic texts of Ahaadees (Holy Prophet SAW’s literature) and the Holy Quran.

Discussion of Dates in the Holy Quran

In Islam, the Dry Fruit Date is regarded as the Fruit of Paradise. In Arabic Islamic texts, the Date Palm Tree is known as Al Nakhl and the dry fruit is called Tamar. In the Muslim holiest book, Holy Quran, this fruit has been mentioned more than any other plant on earth.

Inseparable Ramadan Ingredient

It is also loved by the God-Fearing Muslim Fast Keepers as an inseparable component of Ramadan.  The Muslims keep and break their fasts through the savor of the delectable dates to boast their metabolism (Energy) of their body.

Discussion of Dates by the Holy Prophet (SAW)

Date Consumption as-Sunnah

The Dates were an inevitable part of the Holy Prophet’s (SAW)’s life.  He used to savor Honey and Dates in his daily diet. According to his companions, he used to put chewed dates or honey in the mouths of children and newborn babies.

Date A Spiritual Medicine

The Last Holy Prophet (SAW) has directed the use of Dates in our quotidian lives. Because He (SAW) has called the Date as an antidote (medicine) of poison and Black Magic. The God-Fearing fellows who savor dates are guarded against the threats of Black magic and other unusual problems.

Ajwa Date as the Date of Paradise

There are several sorts of equally delectable dates. Among all of them, the Ajwa Date was the favorite one of the Holy Prophet (SAW). The Ajwa dates are also associated with some healing properties. According to Prophet’s Companions, the consumption of seven Ajwa dates shields the Man from the hazards of poison and Black Magic.

The succulent Ajwa is dark brown to black in color. Ajwa Dates are known as the Dates of Paradise which are cultivated in Madinah Munawarah.  It is the most loved and famous variety of dates.  These were widely used by the ancient Arabs of Arabia before and during the Holy Prophet (SAW)’s era. The Arabs could sustain themselves on dates and water alone for many days.

Scientifically Proven Date Benefits

It is strongly suggested to keep your homes filled with this sweet Dry fruit. Our fridges are brimmed with the other pulpy and succulent fruits. But we must also include dates in our fruit storage portion of the fridge or refrigerator. After the discussion of the Religious significance of Dates, some scientifically proven Date benefits are also cataloged which are as follows

Rich Source of Vitamins

The dates are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. This Dry Fruit contains a considerable amount of essential antioxidant components named Vitamin E which is essential for our skin and reproductive health.

Source of Natural Sugars Minerals and Fibers

Instead of artificial white sugars and white-floured sweet products, use Dates as a natural source of minerals, sweets, and fibers. Dates are the hub of vital minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium magnum, and Zinc. It also contains vitamins as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin A and vitamin K.

Improve Digestive System

The Dates or Ajwa Dates, in particular, improves digestive health. The dates cleanse the gastrointestinal system.

Improve Heart Circulation

Dates improve our heart health and regularize the blood flow in our bodies.

Improve Intestinal Health

Dates improve our intestinal health. It contains natural nicotine which is present in scientific medicines. This natural nicotine cures many kinds of intestinal disorders.

Cure Anemia

The Dates are rich in iron. It must be given to the anemic patients to restore the requisite level of blood in their bodies.



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