Daily skincare routine for summers

Summers can be very tricky sometimes as extreme weather conditions can have harsh effects on your skin.
If you have got dry skin then maybe you are a bit lucky but that does not mean that the strengthening of bright sun rays will not have any effect on your skin.
Summer daily skin routine has to be
So greasy and you need some light products.
In this article, I will discuss what are the most recommended summer beauty tips.
You can divide this article into two sections. The first section discusses what is the actual routine and the second section will have some remedies for beautiful skin in summers.
In those countries where the summers are not very harsh women tend to be very much inclined to doing makeup and hanging out. Of course one must expect it because in winter one does not have enough courage to show off.

Daily Skincare routine for summers

1.    Take off your makeup

daily skincare routine for summers

If you are a working woman or a student who is very concerned about her looks then surely makeup is a fixed part of your daily routine.
Before you go to bed or when you are back from your work, you must religiously follow this step.
I usually use a good milky cleanser, for cleaning up all the layers of makeup but in summers that can be a bit sweaty, a cool woman will not like a greasy feeling on her skin.
That is why I will recommend a watery cleanser, such as micellar water such as Garnier micellar water, simply pour some of it on cotton and cleanse your skin.
Do not use the same cotton pads for your eyes, otherwise, the mascara and kohl will get smudged on your face.

 2.    Using facial cleanser for oil reduction

In summers there is an increased sebum production. Your skin pores get filled with sebum they get very tricky you either need some charcoal face masks or some clay masks.
Loreal has got a wide range of clay masks that can speed up the oil-absorbing property of your face washes.

3.    Scrubbing off the dead skin cells

You ought to rub off the dead skin cells as often as possible. If your skin is dry then twice a week will do wonders but in most cases, you need to scrub off thrice a week.
People with oily skins are lucky when it comes to exfoliating in summers. You can wipe off the dead skin cells without making your skin prone to acne. If in case you have got pimples then do not try very often.
Always use microbeads to exfoliate in summers and apply a lightweight toner.

4.    Clay masks are best

For absorbing excess oils from your skin, it is necessary to use clay masks.
You can have Egyptian or Indian clays. Generally known as “Multani mitti”. It will cleanse your skin.

5.    Moisturize

For moisturizing always chose lightweight moisturizers. You can use toners and serums.
Ordinary hyaluronic acid serum as a moisturizer of daily skincare routine for summers. It is non-greasy or some face oils that claim to be less greasy.
Daily Skincare Routine for Summers

6.    Protection

You need to protect your skin in summers as much as possible because in summers the majority of your skin is exposed.
The higher the sun protection factor the better it is, 60 SPF is the most suitable one for outdoors if you have got Sensitive skin then a 90SPF sunblock is important.

Tips for skincare in summers

For each weather, you need to change your skincare routine. In this section, we will have a look at routines that can be followed daily skincare routine for summers.

1.      Keep yourself hydrated

You need to drink a lot of water enriched in iodine/sodium. Lemonade is the best alternative.

2.      Using special products

In summers it will not be wise to use any sort of greasy products.
Lightweight products are the best in summers. Try to buy toners and serums instead of vanishing creams and moisturizers.
According to various dermatologists, you can switch to several natural moisturizers such as curd and a mixture of rose water and glycerin.

3.      Keep your skin fresh

You need to use lemon juice or tomato pastes for keeping your skin fresh.
You must always clean your face with cold water. In summers naturally, the pores of your skin are wide open and the accumulation of dirt particles becomes a norm.
Moreover, having ice cubes for making your skin look fresh and glowing can help you in fighting darkened skin patches.

4.      Eat healthy and hydrating

In summers we are lucky to have a lot of o fruit options. Try to eat a lot of watery fruits which will include watermelons, plums, and peaches.
Smoothies and juices can help in fighting dehydration and heat effects.

5.      Keep yourself clean

In summers sweating becomes a norm. Keeping yourself clean in all such circumstances can be very difficult but who does not takes a bath daily especially in summers.
Not only bath, but you should also clean your ears, nose, and feet very religiously. There is a high risk of developing fungus in various body parts.

6.      Wear light clothes

You are not supposed to follow fashion. If silk cloths are trending then you are not supposed to follow that. Always wear light clothes, even during day time you are must not wear dark clothes, they absorb heat.

7.      Sunlight is important

daily skincare routine for summers

You must not fear the sun, sunlight is important aa it escalates the production of serotonin. Serotonin is important for your mood. 
Wear a strong sun protection sunscreen and feel free to enjoy the summer season.
Lastly, whatever daily skincare routine for summers you are following never compromises on mental health as its results can be irrevocable.


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