The crypto industry has seen a new boom recently, and it seems there’s more to come. Now, a lot of investors are looking for ways to buy cryptocurrency in India. And what matters to them the most is the customer support of the cryptocurrency exchange they’re planning to go with.

There’s no denying that with this rapid growth comes the potential for reputational damage when cryptocurrency exchanges fail to scale their customer service operations.

Consumers are most likely to give up on a business caused by poor customer support. In contrast, a majority of them are willing to pay more for the business offering a good customer experience.

With the rise of new cryptocurrencies and exchanges, crypto investors now have countless choices than ever to get the customer experience they want.

Thus, in order to gain the upper-hand in this cut-throat competition, crypto exchanges need to consider the value of partnering with a customer service expert so that the investor could have a proper answer to “where can you buy a cryptocurrency?”

Why Customer Experience Matters in Cryptocurrency?

The customer experience matters the most, and there are two strong reasons –

  1. Responsive customer care support is the simplest way to build trust and confidence with beginner traders. They must be assisted in a simple to understand manner, easy-to-use portals so they can learn to see new charts, register for new accounts, deposit and withdraw funds to get started with their trading journey.
  2. Professionals traders too lookout for advanced implementations, such as requesting to resolve technical issues, troubleshooting, bug fixes, to name a few. And, they want them to be fixed in time.

How to Find a Worthy Customer Support Partner?

While growth may come rapidly for cryptocurrency exchanges, choosing a customer experience delivery accomplice shouldn’t be that quick after all.

A few organizations decide to outsource their whole customer-service operation, whereas the others pick a mixed methodology.

Notwithstanding, there are characteristics that crypto firms should search for to guarantee the delivery of top-notch customer support –

  • Financial Services – An experienced customer service delivery partner can help navigate the regulatory environments differently and make sure about the potent data-protection policies and technologies to be in place.
  • Multi-Language Abilities – Virtual currency is now a global phenomenon. Thus, organizations need to offer their services in multiple languages to meet their global demand.
  • Service Everywhere – Consumers looking to trade digital currency might be from different regions or time zones. Your customer support partner must be working round the clock to serve the customers of multiple geos. This will not only appease customers but also generate more business. It shows system continuity in case of major disruption.
  • Professional Human Interaction – Engaged and highly-skilled customer service agents are critical nowadays since many crypto exchange users need guidance to go through a complicated and risky market. Thus, these agents can serve as a competitive differentiator as well as help customers feel more comfortable buying, sell and trade cryptocurrency.
  • Human & Technology – The right customer service partner will be able to reduce the cost and increase the efficiencies by providing you with the ideal combination of human and technology. Make sure your partner has advanced analytics, omnichannel service delivery, and artificial intelligence capabilities.


Investors who are keen to buy cryptocurrency in India can choose anyone among the host of cryptocurrency exchange options available today, with the rivalry simply remaining to escalate as more institutions and users enter the market.

With the competition only getting stronger with the passage of time, the platform that can deliver the customer experience with user-friendliness, accessibility, and transparency is most likely to have a competitive advantage.

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