As we all are aware of the year 2020, and the bizarre circumstances of the year that were literally not merry for the global economy. The market has been majorly affected by the sudden strike of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, this year, we all are building our economy vigorous as it was. The majority of us is still dealing with the unavoidable consequences originated by the Coronavirus, also, trying to augment the lost morale, enthusiasm, and zest again during the global lockdown.

All over the world, the market faced such fluctuations and changes. Many of the sectors out there have changed according to their respective requirements. Therefore, taxation is also reshaping itself for the betterment.

Taxation has always been a subject to understand without being unfocused for at least a fraction of a second. People who keep interests in taxation are either finance students or geek professionals indulge in the finance sector or the entrepreneurs who are thriving or trying to thrive in the market. Here Skillfin Learning is bringing you the sensational trends of tax of the year 2021.

The New Countenance of Taxation Payments

After a global pandemic, the market faced an extreme level of reduction in the overall income. Hence, the business persons and other professionals faced difficulty in paying the taxes. The aftermath of COVID-19 was not easy for government bodies. However, many of us are assuming that the government may take the decision to offer a kind of relief in paying the tax by lowering the tax revenue rates for the financial year 2020-2021 or may introduce any other kind of exemptions and relaxation.

Different people from the different sectors of the market have such kind of thought in their mind. Taxpayers are getting concerned about the situations that occurred during these health and financial crises whilst the global economic decreased to an extent. That is how the taxation has taken the new countenance for 2020-2021 financial years. Let’s dive into the pool of wisdom and know the facts related to the taxation we should be aware of.

Digital World Brought the Online Tax Revenue Payments in Trends

In this modern era, people are dependent upon the internet for their daily life entertainment, learning, and other activities. This pandemic has elevated the importance of the digital world. The global lockdown has been a major reason why the lives of the people across the world from almost every age group have become dependent almost entirely on the internet for the valid causes such as studying online, working from home, buying and selling products/services online, teaching new skills to others, etc.

This digital advancement has turned convenient for the taxpayers too. Now people can pay their tax revenues online without any haste because being digitally active is another perk we have in the platter of this modern and advanced world.

Manufacturers Bloomed & Expand in the Crises

Where this pandemic affected the market negatively, on the other hand, many of the manufacturers bloomed out of the blues and rises by using the different mediums of the market chains. This evolvement in the market somehow has an impact on the taxation sector as well. As we all are pretty aware of the lesser exemption taxes, so we can have the certain assumptions on how the payments of taxes is having a prominent face in elevating the market and economical growth of a nation. The payments of sales revenues are to be played a paramount role to contribute their bits in the reconstruction of the economic sector.

Exiguous Relief in Tax payments for senior citizens:

As per the expectations, there are no tax exemptions that can be counted as a relief for taxpayers of the age group; one has to follow the same tax regime designed for the financial year 2020-2021. However, seventy-five years old and older pensioners have the benefit of being exempt from paying income tax this FY. We can say that there is an exiguous relief for the senior citizens, but the rest of the people from the different age groups still have to pay the tax by following the same tax regime of the FY 2020-2021.

Furthermore, in accordance with the Union Budget 2021, there is no any other change in the tax slab designed for the assessment year 2020-2021 for the companies, individuals, and/or groups that are eligible to pay taxes; only super senior citizens are benefitted from this particular exemption.

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ITR to pre-fill the Capital Gains

For obtaining the easiness in the return preparation process, the ITR is facilitating pre-filling and assuring the authenticity and robustness in the details of capital gains. This step has been taken by the finance minister to avoid any hindrance or errors while processing the ITR in a robust manner.

Paying the tax on dividend in advance

As dividends have become taxable for the shareholders from the date April 1, 2020, taxpayers are also considering paying the advance tax on dividends from the viewpoint of avoiding the interest on the same caused by the preempt dividend distribution (according to the section 234C in the income tax act 1961). Also, in this financial year, the suitable amendments have been added to the section 234C to impact the originated liability of advance tax on dividend while receiving the same.

Tax Break

The budget 2021 has a perk for the first time home buyers. The government has taken an initiative to motivate and support the first time home buyers by deducting the amount of up to Rs.1.5 lakh from home loan interest on the loans taken up to the date March 31 2021, there is an extension of one year on these now. This action has been taken with the sole motive of raising the real estate sector and encouraging the homeowners of the future.

These are the important factors to study when it comes to getting yourself updated with the facts about the financial year 2020-2021. You can update yourself with skillfin learning.



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