As we all know sleep and health that our brain is active 24*7. Hence there is the need to give some rest to the conscious brain. Hence, it is very important that we should take 6 hours of sleep daily in order to give rest to our conscious brain. The psychologist gold coast suggests most of the patients take sufficient sleep if he or she is suffering from sleeplessness or any mental health issues. There are many side effects that may harm our physical and mental health if we do not sleep properly or if we do not take sufficient sleep.

Connection between sleep and health

Let’s go through some of the physical and mental problems that may be created if the person has not slept well.

  • Anxiety

It was found by psychologist gold coast that lack of sleep or fewer periods of sleep can cause anxiety disorder in patients, especially adults. This disorder is not only caused to adults it is even caused to the children. It is said that a child suffering from anxiety takes more time to sleep than a normal healthy child. It was also found that the REM sleep time of the person suffering from an anxiety disorder is much less than a normal person.

  • Depression

It is said and found in research on thousand students in the USA that students suffering from depression in which 65% to 90% of people have sleeping issues. The psychologist gold coast states that the depression caused due to sleeplessness is more dangerous than depression caused without any sleeping problems. It was also found that the people suffering from depression due to sleeplessness are generally supposed to have suicidal thoughts in their minds. Such a person also dares to commit suicide. This problem was generally noticed between the teenager and adults between the age of 16 to 28.

  • Digestion

It is said that sleeplessness causes weight gain and obesity like problems in the body. The reason for this is the reduction in the levels of leptin. Leptin is the hormone that is responsible for sending signals to the brain that your stomach is full and you do not need to consume more food. Due to less sleep, the level of leptin reduces and the signal that your stomach is full is passed very late to your body which results in weight gain and causes obesity to the person. This is the reason many people feel hungry at night and rush towards the fridge at night.

  • Respiration

It was found that many people suffering from respiratory problems have sleeping problems. The researchers have found that sleeplessness even affects the human lungs and makes it tough to breathe for humans. It can even make the existing lung disease in the body worse that the person finds it very difficult to breathe. Sleeplessness also is the problem responsible for diseases like the flu. As it was stated earlier that less sleep causes lung disease and flu is a lung disease that is caused due to less sleep.

  • Endocrine system

It is stated by many doctors that if a person is suffering from sleeplessness in the age of adolescence and childhood then the person may suffer from hormonal problems. The psychologist gold coast says that it requires uninterrupted sleep to develop hormones like testosterone. Usually, the growth hormones are affected at the age of puberty. These hormones are responsible for the growth of the body and development of the body of a human being generally at the age of adolescence. These hormones develop the muscles and the brain of the human at the age of his or her growth.

  • Cardiovascular system

Insomnia generally affects the cardiovascular organs and is also responsible for increasing blood pressure and also is responsible for increasing the sugar levels in the body. If these problems are not taken care of then they may get more exacerbated at severe levels and result in severe problems in the body like heart attacks. Hence, it is very important to sleep well in order to stay away from these cardiovascular problems. It is also said that an increase in sugar level in the body which is caused by sleeplessness as stated earlier also stops producing the new blood in the body.


The above problems are caused by less sleep at night. Hence, never disturb your sleep as it may cause dangerous problems mentioned above. Hence, sleep well and stay healthy.



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