The cloud is a buzzword today. Everyone is talking about cloud and cloud computing, but what is the cloud? Where is the cloud? How does it impact what we do? What is cloud computing? What are cloud computing solutions? These are questions that everyone is asking and looking for an answer.

What is Cloud computing in simple terms?

Integral Choice explains cloud computing in simple terms and in layman’s language as storing and accessing your data and programs over the internet instead of storing them on your computer’s hard drive is Cloud computing. In simple words, the cloud is just another word for the internet.

To explain in detail, Cloud computing involves the delivery of on-demand computing services like servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence over the internet.

The services are available on a pay as you use basis, which helps in lowering the business operating costs, running the infrastructure more efficiently, and scaling the business as required.

We all are using cloud-based applications every day, but many of us don’t even realize that.  Each time a file or image is shared over the internet with friends, family, or colleagues, you are using the cloud services.

Each time an individual uses the Smartphone or tablet to view an image or video or watch a web series on Netflix or PrimeVideo, they are using the cloud.

Whether you are working from home or playing a game online, all these services are being accessed from the cloud.

For businesses, cloud computing solutions help in improving collaboration and productivity which can lead to a significant reduction in costs.

Cloud computing services offer better data protection and advanced access to superior, ground-breaking technologies.

When we use an email account and store information in it, it is not the same as storing data on your Smartphone or desktop. The data stored in your email account can be accessed anytime from any computer or device which has internet access.

To explain cloud computing in easy words, it allows people to use online services through any device connected to the internet. This means that the user need not be present or available at a certain location to avail of the services. Cloud services exist on the basis of the internet.

How does cloud computing work?

Instead of investing in IT infrastructure or data centers, organizations can instead gain access to anything right from servers to applications to networks by renting them out from a cloud service provider.

The biggest benefit of opting for cloud computing solutions is that the organizations can avoid the costs and difficulties involved in owning and maintaining their own IT infrastructure.

With cloud computing solutions they need to only pay for what they use and whenever they use it.

At the same time, cloud computing service providers also benefit from significant economies of scale as they deliver similar services to a large number of customers.

Key benefits of cloud computing

  • Reduction in cost

By availing of cloud computing services, businesses can eliminate any cost involved in purchasing, installation, and maintenance of IT infrastructure.

Setting up and operating data centers involves a lot of expenses, it includes the cost of buying racks of servers, cost of electricity for power and cooling, cost of employees and experts hired for managing the infrastructure, etc.

With cloud computing, all the above expenditures can be eliminated and the cost can be reduced considerably.

  • Scalability

The main benefit of opting for cloud computing solutions is their scalability. Scalability means providing the right number of IT resources to a specific location.

Cloud computing allows the proper allocation of resources as per the requirement of the location. With cloud computing, one does not have to keep excess resources ready in order to handle expected peak levels of business activity in the future.

You can scale the number of resources up or down easily and increase or decrease the capacity depending on the requirements of the business at a particular time.

Setting up data centers involves hardware setup, software patching, etc. By shifting to Cloud computing, the IT teams of the company can concentrate on other important aspects of technology and spend more time on achieving other important business goals.

  • Efficiency

Cloud computing services operate on a global network of data centers that are highly secure. These data centers are upgraded and updated with the latest computing hardware regularly.

These highly secure and fast global network data centers are more efficient and beneficial as compared to a single corporate datacenter.

  • Backup and Recovery

Backup of data, disaster recovery, and business continuity becomes very easy and less expensive thanks to cloud computing. Several data copies can be easily made and stored on numerous sites on the cloud’s network for easy recovery in the future.

  • Data Security

Cloud computing service providers have extremely stringent policies with regard to their technologies.

These policies help in the overall security of the data. Cloud computing solutions help in protecting and securing the company’s data, apps, and infrastructure from all forms of possible threats or attacks.


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