Certificate 3 In Aged Care

Certificate 3 in Aged Care is a type of certification, which provides training to all the entry-level workers. The certification will enable these individuals who wish to work in community-based hospitals and organizations, and residential aged care facilities. It will also allow the workers to work within the disability and community care. The certification reflects the workers within a residential or community setting. 

They follow an individual plan where they provide person-centered care. This care is provided to people who need plenty of support because of a disability, aging, and various other things. The course will allow the workers to provide their support to individuals who have complex needs and wants. 

Certificate 3 in Aged Care: Things You Must Know!

The course in Aged Care Perth will enable workers to provide tailored care along with support approached, which will meet all the separate needs. Apart from that, the course also comes with practical and theory training, with a massive pile of assessment and learning within a workplace. This will help the candidates to practice all their new knowledge by utilizing their skills within the area of care. 

Candidates will also get the chance to assist individuals in maintaining their independence within their choice of home and deliver support and welfare services. The career outcomes through this particular course are Assistant in Nursing, Community Care Worker, Personal Care Worker, Respite Worker, and Support Worker. No matter what type of job role you play, this course will enable you to offer an outstanding service to the most vulnerable individuals within the community. 

What will you learn through this course?

The Certificate 3 course covers many contents through which you will receive plenty of knowledge in individualized support, dementia care, personal care, and many more. The entire course will focus on the key areas and provide holistic training. But you will also get the chance to receive personal development and additional study on modules, such as spiritual intelligence, study skills, and introduction of integrative health or Ayurveda. 

Safe handling practices and the Introduction of human rights are other modules where you will add knowledge. All these concepts and areas that you learn from this particular course will help you develop top-notch skills. These skills will help you provide the best quality care and support to the people who want it. 

Admission requirements

When you have made your choice to opt for Certificate III in individual Support, there are several requirements that you need to fulfill. Doing so will make you eligible for the course with no hassle. But the admission requirements for international and national students are not the same, and to know more about it, check the information below. 


    • To apply for this course, international students obtain a higher education visa. The course will be provided to them as a secondary or concurrent course. 
    • As international students, candidates are required to show their English language test scores. If students cannot provide it, they need to opt for the test. 
    • The minimum score of the IELTS test score should be around 5.5 and not lower than that. Otherwise, they will not be eligible for the course or have to retake it. 
    • All international students must complete their Year 10 of schooling or equivalent to that from their home country. They are required to be 20-years of age. 


    • Students who are a citizen of Australia must 20-years of age. They also need to complete Year 10 of schooling. 
    • Domestic or national students are required to provide proof of their English-language test results, otherwise, they need to sit for one. 
    • If you are eligible for the Government-funded Certificate III in Aged Care, you need to fill that portion out. 
    • Local students who meet all the requirements of the approved course will become eligible to obtain student payment from the Department of Human Services. It’s because the course is provided through the Department itself.

Take the help of the experts

When you have decided to apply for the Aged care Courses in Australia, the first thing you must do is contact an expert or an agent. The experts are well-versed with such courses and will point you towards the right path. They have helped both domestic and international students in such matters and will do the same for you as well. For both domestic and international students, they will provide you with in-depth information about the course and what it has in-store.

You will also get an idea of whether or not the course is right for you or will you benefit from it. These experts have been in the business for many years and carry plenty of experience in this area. They also know the documentation you need to provide for the course so that you can become eligible for it. Taking up their suggestions, tips, and advice will help you greatly and the chances of a mistake or error will be pretty low. 

What are the study units of this course?

The Certificate III in Aged Care comes with a total of 13 units. Out of the 13-units, 6 of them are elective units, and 7 of them are core units. To know what they are, check the information below.

Core Units:

    • HLTWHS002: For direct client care, follow the safe work practice.
    • CHCDIV001: Work with a diverse range of people.
    • CHCLEG001: Work ethically and legally.
    • CHCCCS015: Deliver individualized support.
    • CHCCCS023: Support wellbeing and independence.
    • CHCCOM005: Work or interact within the community and health services.

Elative Units:

    • CHCCCS001: Address all the requirements of individuals with chronic disease.
    • CHCPAL001: Using a palliative approach to deliver care services.
    • CHCAGE001: Try to facilitate the empowerment of all older individuals.
    • CHCCCS011: Meet all the personal support requirements.
    • CHCAGE005: Offer support to individuals who are living with dementia.
    • HLTAID003: Deliver first aid to individuals when required. 

Ending Note

Certificate III in Aged Care is an important course, and you must learn all its concepts well. Gaining proper knowledge and understanding of this course will help you provide an outstanding service to individuals who need special care and support. Make sure to provide all the essential documents during admission and fill out the application form to get started. 


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