In today’s time, the number of fraudulent activities has increased and privacy no longer can be taken for granted. Around 79% of people don’t feel comfortable sharing their numbers with business service providers because of the fear that their personal information like bank account, social media details, etc. can be hacked or misused. To overcome all these fraudulent activities and to provide customers peace of mind, many companies have turned to call masking.

Call masking is a technique used in e-commerce to protect buyer’s and seller’s phone numbers. It uses a short-lived number for each party, allowing them to communicate during a specified time period.

Number masking helps buyers, sellers, delivery staff, drivers communicate. It is the best way for businesses to safeguard their customer’s identities and prevent the misuse of their personal information. Customers contact the company if they feel safe and secure.

mTalkz is one such app that helps in masking the phone number and securing the personal information of customers. Masking phone numbers is easy and it is done through the following steps:

  • Caller clicks on the click-to-call widget on the app to get connected with the receiver.
  • Then, the call is initiated from the mTalkz server to connect the caller and the receiver.
  • And then the call gets connected using a virtual number.

As technology advances, so does plenty of non-ethical hacking and strategic networks of fraudulent activities start taking place. So, number masking ensures that your personal contact information does not fall into the wrong hands.

Few use cases for call masking are:

Ride Share Apps

Number masking helps the driver and passengers call each other through the network bridge, to arrange the rides without sharing personal information. Example: uber, ola, etc.

Delivery Apps

Call masking helps delivery staff to update their customers about the courier without number sharing. With the advancement in technology, people nowadays depend a lot on online buying. Even ordering food online has become very common in this fast-paced life. Online marketing apps like Myntra, Flipkart, and online food ordering apps like Swiggy, Zomato, etc require a customer’s number so that the delivery staff can contact them. Using call masking technology helps in making customer’s as well as delivery staff’s phone numbers private.


Doctors often make it possible for their patients to directly contact them, but they don’t want to give away their numbers. Call masking helps to contact doctors without compromising his/her security.

Number masking is a modern approach that can be easily understood and used by anyone. It’s the moral responsibility of every business to work towards their customer’s satisfaction and providing peace of mind is very important. If businesses can work positively to keep their customer’s personal information private, then it would be beneficial for customers as well as businesses. Customers can buy goods or services without any fear or hesitation whereas a business providing these facilities can become popular or gain a positive image in the global competitive market.

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