Whether it was Greta Thunberg going on her worldwide school strike, or it was the wildfires raging across the world last year, but more and more people are realizing the damage that they are doing to the environment just by existing and are trying to decrease their carbon footprint in order to contribute into saving the planet.


Whether it is buying used furniture in Abu Dhabi Musaffah or trolling thrift shops for your next outfit, second-hand shops play a large role in decreasing our waste and helping us shop economically and ethically.

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is a way to measure the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that a particular person or event is responsible for. The greater a person’s carbon footprint, the greater is their negative impact on the environment.


The greatest fight in today’s world is the fight for a more environmentally conscious world in which everyone has a carbon footprint that is low enough so as to not damage the Earth in any way.

Decreasing Your Carbon Footprint

The only way in which a person can demonstrate that they truly care for their planet is by making sure that they are playing their part in bettering its dire situation. This can be done by many things, all of which come under the umbrella of decreasing one’s carbon footprint.

Ways to be environmentally conscious

A quick surf on the internet will reveal many ways in which a person can do their part in bettering the environment. However, this article contains a concise list of things that one can do to make his or her world a better place.

So, what are the things that one needs to incorporate into their lives to be eco-friendly?

Scroll down below to find out.

1.  Stop buying unnecessary things

The splurging that one does at the supermarket for no tangible reason increases your carbon footprint. By making sure that you are not doing any of those things, you are allowing yourself to be a human being who cares about the planet and its inhabitants.

2.  Buy second-hand things.

Whether it is trendy name-brand clothes or polished-looking antique furniture, everything can be found at thrift stores. If anything, Gen Z individuals proudly show off their thrift store finds and wish to inspire other people to shop from them too.

3.  Limit the ghost electricity running in your house.

One of the greatest sources of high electricity bills and the negative effect that electricity has on the environment can all be combated if one chooses to turn off the switches wherever one goes.

4.  Skip the drive.

Another luxury that we have gotten very used to is the need to drive cars everywhere. These cars emit greenhouse gases, further polluting the Earth and making it a hellish place to live in for future folks.

5.  Make sure to recycle everything.

Anything you imagine can be recycled in some way. If it can’t be recycled completely, some part of it can be. This allows you to be an eco-friendly individual. Recycling everything instead of throwing it away, giving rise to landfills and pollution is the mark of a responsible adult.

6.  Do not buy multiple things.

Whether it is a deal for used furniture in Abu Dhabi Musaffah or an ad for used curtains, always remember to make sure that you do not have more than one copy of a thing. This decreases your carbon footprint and makes you a chic adult in the world of environmental consciousness.

7.  Always shop environment-friendly.

Always remember, uphold the values that you wish to see in this world. This means that shopping for LED bulbs instead of normal electricity ones, buying second-hand clothes in thrift stores, and only going for recycled paper and stationery.

The takeaway

It is often the microaggressions that break or break a pattern. By spending five minutes differentiating your bins from recycled to unrecycled, you will be able to claim that you have been playing your part in making sure that the planet does not suffer an awful fate. By following the aforementioned steps, one can be on-trend and environmentally conscious too.



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