What good is a recruitment agency without a recruitment software platform? Nowadays, every agency recognises and trusts in the significance of recruitment CRM in their daily work. But that doesn’t mean recruiters should go ahead and buy just any kind of recruiting system.

The first and foremost thing to note is to obtain a software system that meets your business needs as close to perfect as possible.

What does this entail?

Well, recruitment agencies have distinct needs depending on their size and the type of hiring and placements they focus on. If an agency works only on temporary recruitment then their needs are different from that of an agency placing permanent workers in a niche industry. Hence, organisations must be meticulous when considering the needs of their recruiters and their business goal when outlining the type of CRM software they want.

Temporary recruitment agencies need recruitment CRM software that allows online shift planning, online timesheets, the ability to track attendance, and process timesheets. Temp recruiters are always busy with various placements and they should have a recruitment software partner who helps them work efficiently and quickly.

For those who are in the business of placing permanent workers, their recruitment software must be adept at providing quick access to data, seamless integration with social media platforms and instantly importing selected profiles. They need an intuitive recruitment CRM that helps them proceed smoothly into the different stages of their work.

However, there are some software features all the various employment agencies will need. Bear in mind that these features are not obligatory. But if a recruiter wants to be proactive and successful, these are inherent components of a good recruitment software.

  • Applicant tracking

Keeping track of each candidate’s progression and communication is vital. This feature organises individual candidate data from their CVs, interview details, and applications.

  • Cloud-based

Remote working has been indispensable in recruitment ever since the global pandemic. Recruitment software users who enjoy a cloud-based service can attest to how easy and efficient team collaboration and regular work has been.

  • Talent and market mapping

These are designed to keep a proactive recruiter updated about current industry trends and the best candidates in the market. Recruiters can target high-potential employees whose next moves are likely to match a client’s vision and goals.

  • Candidate management

A fundamental part of recruitment is ensuring candidates are engaged throughout the recruiting process. The best candidates are not short of job opportunities. So it is up to the recruiter to secure the candidates’ interest in the role.

  • SaaS

SaaS-based software is affordable and scalable. This makes it very user-friendly. It is suitable for a one-person recruitment business or a big recruiting corporation. The recruitment software is paid for on a monthly or annual basis according to the number of licenses applied for by the agency. It is easy to add more licenses or reduce the number as the businesses see fit.

  • Skills testing

Skills testing candidates always gives proactive recruiters an edge over their rivals. Candidate assessment is important as it helps narrow down applicants. Recruiters can then focus on the most skilled individuals. The results invariably present tangible proof of a jobseeker’s abilities which helps hiring managers to make smarter decisions.


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