Most of the webmasters don’t know what breadcrumbs are. But the most difficult thing is that most of the webmasters don’t know how important it is to use breadcrumbs. Not as a webmaster but also as an SEO reseller you need to learn using breadcrumbs. Firstly for those who don’t know, breadcrumbs are navigation features. Some people call them navigation links. Got it? But what is the importance of breadcrumbs, you may ask.

Breadcrumbs are important because they are directly linked up with the user experience. Are you working hard to improve the user experience on your site? Then breadcrumbs will help you. Hire an SEO reseller and get breadcrumbs added to your SEO packages. So let’s start this post about breadcrumbs and how important they are.

What Are Breadcrumbs?


No, we are not talking about a kind of food item. Breadcrumbs are navigational features or links on a webpage that shows the visitor where he is on the site. Your website may have dozens or hundreds of pages. And there are thousands of posts, right? Breadcrumbs help a visitor so that he doesn’t get confused or feel lost somewhere in the ocean of content, posts, and pages.

Navigation Elements

You see these navigation elements almost daily on some of the websites. The breadcrumbs are most of the time around the navigation bar. Because it helps a user to quickly find out where he is and what he has already browsed on his website.

Types Of Breadcrumbs

SEO packages will offer various types of breadcrumbs according to the niche of a website. But basically, there are three major types of breadcrumbs used by website developers or SEO experts. Following are the types of breadcrumbs.

  • Browse History Breadcrumbs
  • Hierarchy Breadcrumbs
  • Attributes Based Breadcrumbs

Importance Of Breadcrumbs In SEO

We have mentioned it at the beginning of this post. User experience is important for SEO and it will become more important in 2021 with new Google updates. And the breadcrumbs are directly linked with user experience. So we cannot say breadcrumbs are directly impacting SEO strategies. But it will have an impact indirectly. No matter if you are a webmaster or an SEO reseller, start using breadcrumbs. Following are three important benefits that you can get by using breadcrumbs on your website. Let’s have a look at these three advantages of breadcrumbs.

#1. Breadcrumbs Enhance User Experience

Everyone is saying breadcrumbs enhance the user experience, but how? Suppose that you are visiting a web page and on this page, you see a few redirect links, and you click them to go to other pages. You browsed that website for hours going from one page to another. Now, will you remember where you did start? No, you won’t remember and as a user, you will be confused and you won’t spend more time on the site. But breadcrumbs make it easy and it will enhance user experience.

#2. Increase Dwell Time

If you provide a great user experience to visitors, they will stay longer on your site. They won’t bounce back to the search engine result pages (SERPs). So breadcrumbs are also useful to get rid of bounce rate and increase dwell time.

#3. It Improves Site Ranking

Not directly, but indirectly it will improve the site ranking. That is why most of the SEO reseller packages have breadcrumbs included. If your site has a good user experience and dwells time, so won’t it do well in the ranking?

Many reasons are there why you should start using breadcrumbs on your website. They are not directly linked with search engine optimization. But they have a huge impact on your search engine rankings indirectly. An SEO reseller package with breadcrumbs can help you grow up in terms of user experience. And user experience is the only thing that matters for search engines like Google.




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