If you are fond of biking and cycling, then you might have a collection of worn tyres lying around. Bike tyres do not get decomposed easily making disposal troublesome. And so, after all the good points, the one problem that bikers face is what to do with the old tyres?

The Anatomy of a Tyre

The tyres are broadly made up of three parts, namely, rubber treads, bead core, and tyre carcass. When you buy a new tyre, there are several terms and specifications that you look forward to are:

  • The right size and fitting of the tyre. The size ranges from 12 to 24 inches and depends on the vehicle. Apart from the diameter, the width of the tyre is also to be noticed. Usually, road bikes use a tyre of 23 mm width.
  • Tyre Pressure: Having the right pressure makes the ride smooth. Also, it prevents puncture or a flat tyre.
  • Treads and Grid Pattern. There has to be a proper grip between the tyre and the road surface. The bikes that are used on normal roads usually have very light tread and patterns.

Once the bike Tyres Grimethorpe are replaced, the bike is all set to go. However, the damaged tyres are still to be discarded. But, instead of tossing them away, there are many ways to recycle and reuse them. From household decorations to fashion accessories, a lot can be crafted from these tyres.

Recycling and Reusing the worn Tyres

Making Home Décor Projects

You can turn an old tyre into a seat. Just stack a few old tyres to get the desired height, and fix them together. Now, use all your creativity and your aesthetic seat is ready! Next, you can turn the inner tube of tyres into beautiful and convenient storage boxes, coasters, and chair backs. Weave the inner tube and fix it tightly on a wooden storage box frame and that’s all.

The metallic rim of Tyres Willerby can be used to make wall hangings and centre tables. Take a rim or tyre and decorate it with artificial flowers and lights. Now, attach a hanger to it and place it on your wall. It will add a modern look to your room.

Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories can also be designed from tyres. You can create a stylish belt using the inner tube. Start by cleaning the tube and remove any pieces of metal. Now, measure your waist and cut the length of the tube accordingly. You may also stitch two tubes together to get the required length. Now, sew all the sides, add a nice buckle and drill some holes.

You can also make wristbands, and bracelets using the same steps. You can add embellishments, studs, diamonds, and a lot more to make them attractive. Furthermore, you can also make some statement jewellery pieces such as earnings using small metal parts or rubbers of tyres. Woven handbags also look quite stunning.

Outdoor Uses

Tyres can make great outdoor uses. You can make outstanding playground swings for your kids using tyres. Clean the tyre, and tie it on a tree using some rope with good strength. Make sure to test it before you allow your child to play.

You can also use them to make pots and garden areas. Just like a chair, pile some tyres one on top of the other, and glue them. Paint them as per your wish and make a base using wood or plastic. Now fill it with soil and your custom pots are ready for use.


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