Best Web Development Trends 2021


With every evolution in technology, the paradigms of web development are changing rapidly. Almost 90% of the world’s businesses use websites, so the developers need to cope up with the latest trends. 

Web developers are finding ways to innovate the web for a user-friendly experience that helps them create engagement. We all know that websites follow a definite structure consisting of different development tools that makes them intriguing. So it is crucial to study the latest trends in web development techniques for more reliability. 

Top 5 Web Development Trend for 2021

Let’s walk through some of the latest Web Development trends that will rule 2021:

  • Progressive Web App Development

Progressive Web App Development is the next big thing for the mobile web. PWAs are websites that are specially designed for mobile applications. This technology blends the essence of web and mobile apps interface to develop a website that is the best of both worlds. It gives an excellent insight to users who prefer to use portable gadgets to surf the internet. 

PWAs have revolutionized web development services by eliminating unnecessary plugins and downloads making it easier for users to access them without any hindrance. 

Many languages such as HTML, Java, CSS, and Bootstrap gained popularity with the introduction of PWAs in 2015. It was specially designed to configure all the browsers to work efficiently when accessing a website through mobile or computer to give the users the best of both technologies. 

We expect that PWAs will take the web development services to new heights in 2021. 

  • AI-Powered Chatbots

AI-Powered chatbots are used to create humans virtually. They are an attempt to recreate a human touch having traits like dependability, adaptability, and scalability. 

We know that many websites are now focusing on creating ease for their users, so chatbots are mainly used to provide convenience in terms of customer support services. 

Chatbots are trained based upon the servers’ data and possess artificial intelligence to think and act in real-time. They tend to make decisions based upon training through AI. 

Over time, several technologies have improved chatbots’ functioning, such as speech recognition, text recognition, and cognitive thinking, to make them more efficient. 

The rapid increase in chatbots will eliminate the need for human interference on websites and public forums, So we predict that they will gain popularity in 2021 as a wave of change. 

  • Dark-Themed UI

Dark-themed UI may seem ambiguous here. But they have been in trend for the last 5 years. You may have seen dark-themed websites and mobile apps having staggering visuals and animations being gentle on the eyes. 

Their relevance is increasing as it stimulates the audience more through clear visibility and gentle eyes. Due to this, the use of vibrant colors on web pages has exponentially decreased now. 

Many social platforms have introduced dark themes as part of their UI, such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. Earlier, only IOS supported that feature to give the users an insight to explore the dimensions of dark colors for the web. We expect that Dark themed UIs will be available on all social platforms by 2021. 

  • Cloud Computing

We all have heard of Cloud Computing before. Cloud Computing is delivering computing services such as servers, storage, databases, networking, and intelligence over the Internet (“the cloud”) to offer faster innovation and reliability. 

The main advantage of using cloud computing is full proof security and high-class performance. It will undoubtedly transform the web world as it is cost-effective and doesn’t require tons of infrastructure. Some examples can be Google Cloud, AWS lambda, and Azure.

Many students are also pursuing their careers in the field of cloud computing as part of their curriculum because of ample job opportunities.

So if you are interested in starting a cloud computing career, do it right now before it saturates. 

The future of the internet is cloud computing following the end of 2021.  

  • Cyber Security Plans

The increase in technology will open the gateways to security threats in the shape of malware and bugs. 

Most web developers are learning cybersecurity principles to protect their data from hackers. Internet servers are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, and we have seen examples from the past where hackers hijacked critical databases resulting in huge losses for the enterprise. 

Many web developers use cybersecurity techniques to prevent these types of attacks from working in a secure environment without any threat. 

We believe that in 2021, we will see ravishing trends in the field of Cyber Security concerning the safety of the web. Many businesses will set up cyber departments to ensure smooth processing with the web development services. 

What to expect in 2022?

Well, that’s hard to answer!

But we can predict the trends based upon the analytics, keeping in mind the current advancements. 

A tech-savvy person would have known that the enterprises are now working tirelessly to introduce innovations for every domain. 

However, the pool of technology is unpredictable and full of surprises. We never know what’s coming our way!

By thought, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, 5G, Smart Homes, and Autonomous Vehicles would be in demand in 2022. The Internet of things (IoT) is evolving to scrutinize web development services for better usage. Meanwhile, the internet will affect the meticulous minds to think out of the box certainly. 

So let’s wait and watch till the events unfold, taking the technologies to the next level!



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