Best Tips for Baby First Birthday

Baby is 1 year old in a few days? And you are twisting your mind to throw an unforgettable birthday party. Rest assured, all the moms in the world have been there. Last year, I was one of those to google every possible keyword you can imagine, searching for the idea of the century. Of course, as parents, we all want to make the best of it. But, in the end, is it really necessary? What will make your child’s birthday party memorable? Even though I am already thinking about my Petit Trotter’s second birthday, I am giving you my tips and advice to make your event a success. And organize baby’s first birthday with talent!

Who to invite to the 1 year anniversary?

This is really the first question to ask. In addition to logistical and budget issues, the baby’s age must be taken into account. For your first candle, should you really invite all your friends?

Already, before drawing up the guest list, think small! What if instead of having a great fiesta, we had a great time with the family? To organize a baby’s first birthday, there is no point in seeing everything big. This is not a marriage!

For my part, only the close entourage received an invitation (grandparents, auntie, uncle, godfather, godmother, baby cousins). Moreover, it is possible to make your own invitation card through Canva. The site even offers ideas for personalized birthday invitations for kids. In all, there were about ten of us and we were easily accommodated on the large table in the dining room (an extension and voila).

And then, planning the baby’s first birthday takes some practical thinking. A toddler prefers to surround himself with familiar faces. On the other hand, inviting friends from the nursery is not very useful. Later, you will have all the time to prepare themed children’s parties. But for now, we prefer baby comfort.



At what time? A whole meal or rather a birthday snack?

The most important thing is to have fun for the baby’s first birthday. And a memorable time for guests, who are coming to wish happy birthday to your baby. If you have family from far away, invite them to a whole meal at home, or to a restaurant if you don’t have space. A little advice, to choose the place, choose spacious places where it is easy to move around in a stroller… Avoid intimate restaurants where you should not speak loudly!


And as far as the happy birthday party is concerned, it seems to be a good compromise when we want to keep it short but good. This is the option I preferred to organize the baby’s first birthday. The appointment was given at 3:30 p.m., after my Petit Trotter’s nap. He had to be fresh and available to enjoy his party and the guests! Besides, snack time approaching, he was in good condition to enjoy his birthday cake.

1-year anniversary theme: what decoration?

You don’t have to choose a particular theme to celebrate a baby girl or boy’s birthday. But, it is true that it gives charm to the party. In addition, on the Internet, it is easy to find decoration accessories for children’s birthdays. Imagine a beautiful table decorated with tablecloths, disposable plates, and matching paper napkins. Your little one will be amazed when they discover the pretty decoration chosen by their parents.

And to please the guests, we choose a good-natured birthday theme, that is to say, likely to please both young and old. Of course, we love Disney themes with Mickey or Minnie, but we can also make it simpler, and less expensive. Here, for the party of my Little Trotter, I opted for the multicolored theme. In addition to the colorful table, I took out the inflatable balloons, the pennants, the Hawaiian necklaces, the strawberry, and banana candy skewers… In short, the guests saw all the colors. And my room decoration totally seduced them!

Organize the baby’s first birthday: the cake!!!

It marks the spirits and sumptuously closes a beautiful birthday party. For your child’s 1st birthday, please him with a beautiful cake. Usually, all the guests take a picture of it. And so, in order for the memory of the birthday to be memorable, a cake is needed accordingly.

However, there is no need to break the bank on a wedding cake or a designer cake. There are many other occasions for that, baptism for example. But, you can’t just settle for a simple chocolate cake (though, that’s great too).


If possible, choose a themed cake that is not too indigestible and that baby can taste. For my part, I opted for a number cake, to immortalize the number 1 forever for its first candle. In addition, the fruits honored the multicolored theme.

Entertainment: music, games … How to occupy the baby and his guests?

What would a birthday party be without joy or laughter? Not much. And yet, organizing a baby’s first birthday is a big step, and therefore stressful. However, learning to relax is helpful. Don’t be afraid, everything will be fine and everyone will leave the party with wonderful memories.

And for animation, also keep it simple. Do not treat yourself to the services of a clown to make your guests laugh. Similarly, also forget the magician who spawns rabbits. Later, later… Don’t be in a hurry to see your little girl or boy blow out their fifth candle!


No, no… Bet on a nice background of music. And plan some small entertainment in the form of games to have fun with the family. First, think of the baby by reserving him a surprise in the theme. Always with a view to giving him plenty of eyes, I introduced him to the principle of the piñata. Crazy laughter guaranteed!!!

Finally, the adults had fun with a homemade game. And at the end of the day, the winner (or loser, it depends!) Had to open a special gift… Everyone had a good time, and that’s the main thing!




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