What are dark lips and the cause of dark lips?

In this article, “Best lip balm for dark lips”, A dark lip is a very worrying stage of lips. It is not a disease but it should be treated properly because it may result in very other problems like bad breath, and most importantly it lessens the beauty of someone’s face. Many causes may result in dark lips.

Best Lip Balm for Dark Lips, Causes of Dark Lips, What is the Cure?


Lack of water:

It may be due to lack of oxygen, and if a person is not drinking water up to the mark, then it may also result in dark lips. It is standard to drink eight glasses a day, and it will be very healthy for human life. But if you are not completing the standard, then it may result in various outcomes like dark lips.


Smoking is always labeled as injurious to health. It is labeled for some reason. It affects many parts of the body which includes lungs, heart and also lips. Lips always get dark because of smoking because it sucks all the oxygen from the lips. Smoking always affects your body parts. So, lips are badly affected by it.

Nicotine users:

Another fact that the people that are a regular user of nicotine or caffeine are most favorable of having dark lips because these things are good but up to some extent. Nicotine is used in tea. But if you excessively use these items then you are subjected to dark lips.

Allergy factor:

There is a point that if your lips are allergic to something like toothpaste or in case of girls some lipstick or lip gloss or any other material applied to lips, then it may also cause dark lips. They may also cause an allergic reaction to your lips and will force it to turn dark. So, allergy factor has a very major cause in dark lips.

What is the cure?

Well, if dark lips are taking away your beauty, then do not worry. We got you covered in every case. If you are subjected to smoking, then leave it instantly as it will bring nothing good to you and your family. Smoking has many other outcomes but here we are only discussing that it may cause dark lips, and leaving it will surely cure it.

Secondly, if you are an active user of tea and caffeine then lessen the use of it. No one is saying to leave it. Just lessen its use to ensure the health of your lips. Now, it comes to girls. If they are allergic to these lips’ cosmetic items like lipstick or lip gloss, then do not use it because it may cause an allergy effect and will dull the color of your lips.

Want to opt natural remedy?

Everybody wants diseases to be cured by natural factors. So, we will discuss some natural methods which may lessen the darkness of your lips and will give them a glowing look. Apply a small amount of coconut oil daily on your lips. It will give them a shiny look, and soon your natural color of the lips will come back. Secondly, apply lemon on your lips. It will be bitter but it has the best result and many doctors suggest to go with this natural method because it will show the result in a very few days and you will observe that your lips are getting better day by day. These were the most two reliable natural remedies.


Looking for a medicated cure?

Well, if you are looking for a medicated cure then you are in the right place. You will get to know the medicated remedy here. The first thing the comes is in mind is lip balms. Lips balms are the items that enhance the color of the lips and will give them a glowing effect. There are many lip balms in the market. Some are locally made and some are of famous brands. They all are different in case of prices. If you are talking locally, then the most commonly used is Chappet. It is very cheap in price and has a very great effect on the lips.

But as we know that some of the people are brand conscious and will always opt for expensive items. Especially girls are always brand conscious and try newer and newer items for their skin to beautify them more and more. So, here are some brands discussed over which are famous for lip balm.

Best lip balm for dark lips

Nivea lip balm:

Nivea is a very famous company that makes lip balm for its customers. They have been serving for a very long time now, and their lip balm has many qualities and has a variety of flavors for their customers. It is a bit expensive, as compared to the local ones. But you can trust them as compared to local lip balm makers because the companies lip balm goes through many tests, and when they clear out their test then they come in the market.


Rosebud lip balm:

Another brand with the name rosebud is also available in the market. And, you know, what is the best thing about it? It is the best budget lip balm available in the market, in the case of brands. Light on pocket and having a great effect on the lips. What else you need in this expensive market? This one is a great offer in my opinion.


Maybelline Baby Lips:

Another lip balm, with the name Maybelline Baby Lips, also provides a great product in the market. They are providing moisturizing lip balm, which nourishes the skin of the lips, and gives them a glowing look. If you are suffering from dark lips problems then, in my opinion, this is the best lip balm available in the market.


What is the conclusion?

In this article, “Best lip balm for dark lips” Well, if you are looking for my suggestion then I will, first of all, suggest lessening the use of the items, that cause the darkening of the lips. And if you are going through it, then go for a natural method to get rid of the dark lips. And if you want to invest more in the beautification of the lips, then go for Maybelline Baby Lips. An average-priced product, but it has a great list on the lips and will provide nourishment for your darken lips and will turn it into a glowing one in a couple of days.

Best Lip Balm for Dark Lips, Causes of Dark Lips, What is the Cure?



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