40+ Best Life Quotes In English | English Inspirational Quotes

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1-Everyone is mean in this world,
Apart from just and only your parents.

2- The greatness of man is
not in getting up every time, but in falling down.

3- A person should
have faith in his feet only then he can succeed.

Best Life Quotes In English

4- Make a big goal in life and
get engaged for it now only then you will be successful.

5-There is no short cut of success in life,
so keep working hard only then you will succeed.

6- Time comes for every human being,
so never mind anyone.

Best Life Quotes In English

is great by his actions, not by birth.

8- In the whole world, the tongue is such a thing
where there is both poison and nectar.

Best Life Quotes In English

9- Keep strength in your thinking, not in your voice.
Because the crop is in rain, not in flood.

10- Forget the time that has passed
, otherwise the time to come will forget you.

Best Life Quotes In English

11- Never be disappointed with problems in life,
because no matter how fast the sun is , it cannot dry out the sea.

12- In the fate of every successful person, two
things definitely come up.

Best Life Quotes In English

13- When everyone
started talking about you, then you understand that you are going ahead in life.

14- Whenever you trust, do a little care,
because sometimes we bite our own teeth.

15- No work is greater than a human being,
it should be.encouraged.to do it.

Best Life Quotes In English | English Inspirational Quotes

16-A person who loses from the mind can never do
any work.

17- Always stay with good people, the
fun of living life will be something else.

Best Life Quotes In English

18- A person can
never become great unless he is suffering.

19-Luck also supports
those people who work hard.

Best Life Quotes In English

20- No human being
should be tested with his clothes

He who does the right thing in life is always happy.

22- Time comes for everyone,
so don’t laugh at anyone’s bad times.

23- Life is very precious,
use it properly.

Best Life Quotes In English

24-Your bad time only helps
to identify your good people.

25-If someone wants to answer, give it to your business,
everybody will forget to say anything to you.

26- People who do
not respect their parents, they can never be happy.

27- Dream but have the courage to make it come true.

Best Life Quotes In English

28- Whoever has not taken risk in their life can
never move forward.

29- Ego and anger ruin a person,
people who overcome these two go far ahead.

30- If a person does
any work with his mind, then it is not difficult.

English Inspirational Quotes

31- Those who remain calm go far ahead
and win the heart of the world with their work.

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32- Life is not a film,
here you have to show yourself.

Best Life Quotes In English

33- You cannot get success overnight,
for this you have to do meditation yourself.

34- One who does not know the value of time can
never be successful.

Best Life Quotes In English

35- What you would get without hard work
She is not perfect at all.

36- Whoever did not struggle in life, can
never be strong.

Best Life Quotes In English

37- No work in life is small,
just you need to understand it.

38- The company of bad people takes you
near death.

39- You should also consult your younger
ones , otherwise they will not.

40- Nothing will change by wishing for change Taking action immediately will change it.

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