Best homemade skin brightening mask

South Asian women are highly obsessed with whiter skin, I know for western women it is a sort of craziness but in each region, people have got changed behaviors.
Skin whitening is not a very difficult task, and for each beauty effect, the only thing that matters is consistency. All these beautiful women and actresses are looking gorgeous only because of their consistent nature.
In this article, I have mentioned some homemade and organic masks, which can be used twice or thrice in a week for getting clear and bright skin.
Most of these masks are rich in vitamin C and arbutin. Both these ingredients are known for their skin whitening properties as they inhibit the effect of melanin.

Best Homemade Skin Brightening Mask
skin whitening masks

Why our skin gets dark?

The reason for darkened skin is the excessive production of melanin, melanin is a skin darkening chemical which is produced in our skin.
There are multiple reasons for the increased production of this skin darkening agent. Sometimes it is only because of the exposure to sunlight, Phyto photodermatitis.
Another common reason is the past injuries, whenever skin cells get damaged automatically skin darkening pigments are released in that area and as a result of certain chemical reactions, the skin gets dark, particularly in those areas.

Homemade masks for skin whitening

These masks are under use for ages and especially for south Asian women, these have done wonders. homemade skin brightening mask is:-

1.    Turmeric masks

Turmeric is an ancient Ayurveda ingredient for clearing up acne marks and blemishes. Every south Asian house has got turmeric in their kitchen cabinet as it is used in our daily native cuisine.
Making a turmeric mask is the easiest job, and again you only need to stay as consistent as possible otherwise you won’t be able to have the desired tone for your skin.
Here, another secret ingredient for making your skin glow is the boost of vitamin c, you can use lemon or lime juice but be sure that the amount of vitamin C which is acid by nature is not more than the requirement of your skin.
If you have got oily skin, then you must add at least two teaspoons of lemon juice, in case of dry or sensitive skin only a single teaspoon with a half teaspoon of rose water is enough.
Make a paste and apply the masks, thrice a week for the best result.

2.    Rice water

Who does not eat rice, if he is a South Asian? I know you will be thinking of Bengalis, but we would also have rice twice a week almost.
Rice water is a very great bleaching agent which can lighten up your skin tone. You only need to drain boiled rice and you are done.
The best way of using and applying rice water is by having it as a face mist. You must get a spray bottle and store the water in it.
Apply the mask for about 15 minutes daily before going to bed and rinse with cold water.

3.    Honey mask

Honey is the most essential beauty product for ages. I believe it to be one of nature’s best miracle.
You can have a face mask, which can remove all the fine lines, wrinkles and keep your skin supple and bright.
Mix two tablespoons of honey with milk and apply it for 10 minutes daily for improved effects you can add some lemon juice as well.

4.    Almond oil and oats

homemade skin brightening mask


Almond oil is the most efficient natural skin moisturizer. You can not compare it with any other as it is highly reliable. The rich amount of vitamin E has beat down all other products.
You need to make a paste of these two grinds the oats and mix some almond oil and honey in it. Hence, apply the mask, twice a week for fast results.

5.    Tomato juice

homemade skin brightening mask

Just like lemons, tomatoes are also quite rich in vitamin C. You need to grind the tomatoes and drain the puree through a cotton cloth, save the juice in a container.
Consequently, In case you have got oily skin then you can also have some pulp, for increasing the amount of vitamin C and B. Rinse the mask after 20 minutes. Apply it twice a week.



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