Flowers are a great way of making any dull space lively and beautiful. With people moving more towards nature and non-plastic ways of decorating events, flowers usually make the right cut. The vibrant colours and fragrant flowers do make a pretty good decoration item. Flowers can be moulded into unique creations if you have the mind of a creative genius. Flowers are nature’s decoration for such extraordinary occasions as they make such days even better and fun.

DIY decorations are all in trend these days, and people are trying their hands on such trends. Want to try such DIY flower decorations? Try searching for such trends online, and you might just find the best one for your party planning. There are a lot of prerequisites that you need to consider before starting your DIY project. Your party’s colour theme should be to the point, and you should have a clear vision of which colours you want to highlight on this occasion. Another thing to consider at first is the source of your flowers.

You can opt for two options as per your convenience, and you can either get Flowers bouquet online or buy them from your local store. The third and the last thing to consider is the area you want to decorate. You have to assess every aspect of the site, such as the number of tables you will have, the stage you wish to, and so on.

Let’s dive in a few easy-breezy DIY ideas to get you a gist of what you are getting yourself into when you decide to step in the world of flower decorations.

Table Decorations:

A great way to decorate your Party tables is to decorate them with flowers. There are two ways you can decorate your tables with flowers. First, one being that you can simply choose a glass vase with a long neck and put roses, lilies, orchids or Carnations in them with some water in it. Ensure that the water is only filled until a level where the neck of the vase starts, which will ensure fewer chances of water spilling. The other fantastic way is to use a flat platter with a semi- globe-shaped thermocol on top of it. You can further insert the stems of beautiful flowers in this thermocol to give the decoration and elegant look. Make sure that the thermocol stays wholly covered with flowers so that the decoration looks classy and elegant at the same time.

Chair Decorations:

You can simply decorate chairs in our party using a wide tool ribbon and some flowers. Wrap the ribbon around the chair’s backrest and make a bow out at the back of the chair. Place some flowers through their stems in that bow, and you will have the best chair decoration of all times. A pro tip is that you can choose the ribbon as per your colour theme to make them stand out.


You can make little hangings for your party using ribbons, flowers and small bamboo sticks. Make a small triangle using bamboo sticks and hang different coloured flowers at the various corners of this triangle using ribbons. The more flowers, the better the hanging will look. To make the decoration more dreamy and beautiful, you can add different sparkly stars to these hangings and give the venue a disco feel. These hangings will look extremely beautiful and will simply steal the show with their presence. This will be a craft that steals the heart of everyone that is invited to the party.

Cake Table:

Now the cake table’s or the stage’s decoration should stand out from all the rest as it is something that will be in the middle. To make a cake’s table’s decoration stand out, try accessorising it with more contrast coloured flowers. This will make the cake and the table in the centre of attraction. You can also add ribbons at the parameter of the table and give it a luxurious feel to it.

Birthday flowers are a great decoration for any birthday party. Some time and some efforts can save a fortune for you when it comes to DIY decorations. When you feel as if your budget is a bit tight, try organising a party in your back yard. Add a barbeque and fireplace for people to circle around and chat peacefully at. The party does not need to be super expensive as long as it brings your loved ones together in a fun environment. Add on some games and music, and there you have it the best birthday party will be planned perfectly. 


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