Benefits of Class 5 Softswitch for retail VoIP service providers

Best Benefits of Class 5 Softswitch for retail VoIP service providers


Best Benefits of Class 5 Softswitch for retail VoIP service providers

Class 5 Softswitch is a kind of hardware used to connect cell phones, VoIP providers, and PSTN carriers to connect phones and other electronic devices. Altogether there are five types of Softswitch. Class 1 Softswitch is used for international connections. Class 2 to 4 Softswitch facilitate connections domestically (amongst cities, towns, or states). However, class 5 is a facilitator to the end-users of the services. 

Have you ever wondered how our calls get diverted, kept in the waiting room, forwarded to another number, how call rules are set, how voicemails are designed, how do we get a variety of ringtones, which connects for conference calls, how ready-made answers are set?

It is the work of Class 5 Softswitch which offers a vast range of facilities to every individual and business and inhabitants of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) suppliers.

It is vividly clear from the pandemic’s current scenario how omnipresent Class 5 Softswitch is emerging. Though the situation has improved, corporates are still preferring their employees to work-from-home. This way opens more areas for VoIP providers to handle more traffic as heavy traffic from the customers, employees, and clients generate hefty revenue. Then why should the organization not switch to Class 5 Softswitch software to provide top-class VoIP services?

What to Look for in VoIP Providers

Individuals or businesses look for the best survival of VoIP wherever they acquire it from. They set specific criteria and baselines to evaluate the best service provider. Some of the factors are mentioned below:

  1. Availability – The service must be 24*7 because of the work-from-home culture, along with the flexibility of working at odd hours of the day or night.
  2. Reliability – How well and quickly the repair and maintenance services can be availed. This question has to be addressed before selecting any one VOIP service provider. 
  3. Service Quality – Quality of service is the primary factor to be considered before selecting a retail VoIP service provider.
  4. Adaptability – Look into how frequently and quickly the service providers instill new technology and improve customer experience.

Here are the benefits of using Class 5 Softswitch Software for retail VoIP service providers:

Integrated billing

While you use Class 5 Softswitch for retail VoIP services, it compiles the entire bill altogether. The charges of all the services such as phone calls, conference calls, auto-replies, caller tunes, voicemails, etc., are billed integrated. 

Quality of service  

The installation and application of Class 5 Softswitch improve the quality of service through retail VoIP. As the demand and utilization of retail VoIP are soaring per day. In this scenario of heavy traffic of calls, retail VoIP is in high demand like never before. Favorably Class 5 Softswitch is a fastening software to enhance the quality of service provided to the end customers and users. Quality check and quality enhancement are done through analytical and reporting modules, one of the inbuilt features of Class 5 Softswitch for retail VoIP service providers.

The software helps in moderating the quality of audio and provides crystal clear sound facility to the end-users of the retail VoIP.

Moreover, one of the software’s features is that it can be activated or deactivated on the users’ demand and command.

In addition to the technological aspect, the software also provides the option of branding your business through this platform more accurately.

The software also aids retailers in establishing their new and individual businesses from scratch.

To be more specific, the software can be used for setting up types of specialization such as taxes, various languages, different rates to focus entirely.     

Options for retail

The retail VoIP service providers are granted numerous options to apply and experiment with. Such as:

A PIN or PIN-less calling card, an ATA connector, and a standardized telephone system to connect with long-distance calls ease remote allocation.

 Class 5 Softswitch enables PIN to PIN balance transfer domestically as well as internationally.

Currently, the retail VoIPs have extended to laptops and Personal Computers. Now the users can connect for a normal conference call or a video mode interaction. Moreover, the facility has been furthered to share documents and pictorial formats too while working on them. 

Since it is a comprehensive and compact secured platform, small-scale businesses exploit its strength to create an intra-organization structure.      

Analytics and reporting

Though all the Softswitch software can analyze the data provided and report the refined one based on the command inserted. But Class 5 Softswitch has a more refined system of analytics and administrating the information. This feature offers certain advantages such as-

  1. A complete checklist of the performance and real-time supervision of the same is ensured.
  2. This software automatically generates the details about the calls, transfers, balances, and payments. 
  3. The software’s primary focus is to optimize the persisting services, find out the leggings, cut down the idle costs, and emphasize emerging customer services.

Vendor support 

The efficiency of Class 5 Softswitch for retail VoIP service providers would also depend upon the service and frequency of maintenance. So, it is advisable to appoint a Vendor to work along with the software. The vendor works in parallel in the background and facilitates the smooth functioning of the software. But remember to hire a well-versed vendor to avoid any dis-functioning or breakdown of the Class 5 Softswitch Software.

Wrapping up

Class 5 Softswitch for retail VoIP service providers is complete and comprehensive for meeting the needs of emerging business scenarios. It caters to the need for domestic as well as international calls and transfers simultaneously. Retail VoIP service providers looking for Class 5 Softswitch software can get in touch with Ecosmob Technologies Private Limited.


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