Beauty tips for men

In this article, “Beauty tips for men”. Have you ever heard your father saying that he wants to buy that fairness cream? I bet you have not. Because our Dads are an old school generation.   
Now, things have changed, and our men are aware of their beauty needs they want to groom yourself in all the possible ways.
In this article, we will discuss some facts about men’s beauty. I know all of you especially men would be thinking that why men need to follow a separate beauty routine cannot just follow the same of women.
To a certain extent, they can follow the women. There are certain reasons which influence the cosmeticians and dermatologists to suggest men a whole new range of products for men.
If we study at our daily life level, we can easily analyze a men’s life. Men are more out and going. Moreover, they normally do not care about their skin as much as women do.

Beauty Tips for Men


Why men’s skin is different from women’s?

Men’s skin is different from women, not only at the surface level with hairs on it but structurally as well.
Men’s inner ecosystem is different from women, they have high levels of growth hormones than females. These differences significantly affect their skin.
In this section, we will discuss what are some main differences in male and female skin.

1.      Men’s skin is thick

Naturally, men ahs got 25 percent more thick skin than women. The only thing which can make a man’s skin thin is his age.
On the other hand, women have got very thin skin, that is why men need stronger chemicals.

2.      Collagen levels

Men have got a very high collagen level, as compared to women. Collagen increases the skin’s elasticity. That is why men’s face does not show signs of ages.

3.      Texture differences

Men’s skin is rougher than women, this difference is quite visible. But just for the sake of argument, I had to throw it in as well.

4.      Facial hair

Men have got facial hair, which requires daily or regular shaving. This activity can make their skin even more sensitive. That is the main reason their products are made with special care.

5. Higher Oil Levels

If you think that back to your teenage years, oil was probably your enemy. Sebum, or the natural oil on your skin, serves a crucial purpose of hydrating you and blocking bacteria. an excessive amount of an honest thing becomes a nasty thing, though.


If you usually thought you had more acne than the women around you, you were right. Men have more oil glands or sebaceous than women. We also produce about twice the maximum amount of sebum than women overall.

If that sebum is just too much for your skin to handle, clogs your pores, and results in acne.

6. Higher Risk for Irritation

While there are many biological differences between men’s and women’s skin, there’s one problem we create ourselves: shaving. the maximum amount as you’ll love the design, shaving can wreak havoc on a man’s skin.

The shaving puts added friction and stress on your skin. It also gets obviate your top layer of skin cells. The exfoliation is great but it exposes a more sensitive layer of skin that’s susceptible to irritation.

Your skin suffers if your razor is dull. Keeping an equivalent razor around too long also makes it likely that the razor will have bacteria. Under the incorrect circumstances, it can cause a hard infection.

Beauty tips for men

In this section, we will have a look at the most celebrated beauty tips for men, which are not very common.

1. men’s skin needs moisturization

Any human skin cannot survive without the proper amount of moisture. Moisture helps the facial microbes to grow and nourish the skin.
Being amen, you would think that moisturization of your face and exposed body part is a very lame thing, as you have read that you men have got thick skin, but let me tell you this, your skin needs 10 times more moisturization and hydration than women.
This is also because of the thick skin; the hydration process comprises all your health management. You must make sure that you are getting enough water, juices, and fruits which can help you in keeping your skin and body hydrated throughout the year.

2. precautions while shaving

Men’s face has become the most sensitive exposed part of their body, whenever they shave, their skin‘s dead cells are wiped off and ultimately, the new skin is exposed to the environment.
You can either make your skin here or break it. Try to use some shaving foams and creams, instead of harsh products.
Try to have a soothing aftershave serum that is rich in antioxidants, such as glycolic and salicylic acid.

3. use shaving products with more alcohol

Alcohols are known as soothers. So, whenever you are shaving your facial hairs make sure that the products are rich in alcohol.

4. cleanse men’s face

You need to clean your face regularly; you cannot compromise on cleansing at all. Here I will share a home remedy.

Gram flour, milk, and rose water pack

If you are tired of cleaning your skin and got tough skin, then this is the pack you must try twice a week. I know twice I more for men but that is how we do it.
Mix three tablespoons of gram flour with milk almost 5 tablespoons and a few drops of rose water, apply it, and when it gets dry dampen it with a few drops of pure water.
Rub it well on your nose, avoiding the eye area. Once you have got in a habit of cleansing your skin in his way, you will feel the results.
Other methods of cleansing can include some cosmetic products, but I believe that having good face wash is enough if you are religiously using it.
Beauty tips for men

5. take care of your sleep man

Men think that dark circles will only look bad own omen. This is just what you think, we women are a lot different and we want every man around us to look healthy.
If a man is concerned about his beauty, then he must make sure that he’s getting enough sleep. I know men love adventures and they would prefer hanging out oversleep but do it at your own risk.

6. Take care of your lips and teeth

    You may have heard that’s a mile is the best thing a woman can wear, but what about men? They also need a good smile with shining bright teeth in it.
You must brush properly, which is three minutes a day, use the right toothpaste. Lastly, try your best to keep your lips soft, because an angry young man does not mean that you must look like a beast. You must need to take care of your teeth.

7. Grooming

Here I must steal some tips from the women’s fashion routine. Men also need to have the proper shape of their nails and brows. You must try brow wax once a month so that you must look naturally good.
Because men can not wear makeup these are the only things which can make them look nice, lastly, whatever you do, make sure that any activity is not making you lose your confidence in yourself.   


You have heard that guys don’t need conditioner. If your hair is under two inches, you would possibly be ready to get by without using it, but if you’ve got longer hair, you’ll definitely want to feature a bottle of conditioner on your shower shelf. The conditioner will add any moisture your shampoo strips away.


You should to keeping skin moisturized, your diet will help keep wrinkles to a minimum. The watery fruits and veggies help with hydration, which keeps skin youthful. You can add watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers, and lemons to your diet. Also, eat more cabbage. It has vitamin C and vitamin A, both of which help erase lines. It also detoxifies the blood, and therefore the fiber in cabbage pushes waste and toxins out of the body. Toxins can actually show abreast of your face, making you look older than you’re.


We’re stealing a tip from women. Ladies shouldn’t be the sole ones grooming their brows. to actually enhance their countenance, guys should pluck and groom their brows. Keep the unibrows cornered by plucking on your own. to actually get a handsome shape, visit knowledgeable for a waxing.


It is also an easy beauty tip for men: use lip balm! Lips age drastically and that they can dry out fast. Throw an ointment, preferably one with sun protection, into your pocket and apply it throughout the day.

Beauty tips for men


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