Beauty tips for Hand and Feet

Hand and feet are one of the prominent parts of your body, and your entire wellbeing can be gauged by them.
Men are comparatively less concerned about their hands and feet, but women are beyond conscious. Various weather conditions and carelessness contributed to the darkening of the skin.
The most significant factor in hand and feet darkening is the sun exposure for both men and women, I just wonder that if a man’s skin can get dark just by sun exposure then what will happen to the fragile skin of a woman.
Using cosmetic products can help a lot, but the main thing which must never be compromised is the consistency in loving yourself.
Many people buy several products for their wellbeing, but they lack this certain factor of consistency. Whatever I am going to suggest here, the readers must make sure that they will follow up with a bundle of determination.
Why am I emphasizing it? because there is not a single way out other than this, you can not expect your skin to stay pretty juts after a single week, you must
put some effort.
Even though face requires more attention, but your face can be in a better condition just within a week as the skin is quite light and thin. On the other side, your hands and feet’s skin is rough and thick, so you ought to wait for a bit longer.
Beauty Tips for Hand and Feet

 Effective for Hand and Feet:-

1.    Lemon and baking soda

Hand and Feet

Both lemon and baking soda are known for their bleaching quality, you can mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with a half teaspoon of baking soda.
In case you have got dry skin, then adding a few drops of glycine will lower the risk of rashes. Apply this mixture for two weeks, before going to bed every night. Gradually you will feel the difference.

2.    Glycerin, rosewater, and lemon juice

Hand and Feet

These three things are magical, my mother and grandmother had been a huge fan and admirer of this formula. In a 500 ml bottle, add 250ml, rose water, 200ml glycerin, and 50ml lemon juice.
This is the best moisturizer for your hands and feet especially in the dry winter season, you can apply it any time, but avoid exposing your hand and feet to direct sunlight once you have this on.

3.    Vitamin E capsules

Beauty tips for Hand and Feet
Beauty tips for Hand and Feet
Vitamin E capsules are my personal favorite as they boost up the amount of vitamin E in your skin and they are very easy to absorb.
You must not think of having it alone, mix this with aloe Vera gel for enhancing its effects and for keeping your hands moisturized.

4.    Gram flour and lemon juice

Gram flour will absorb extra dirt from your feet, you must apply a paste of gram flour mixed with lemon juice and milk.
This can be the best scrub for your feet and hands. While applying this mixture you must make sure that the paste is damp until you are having it on your skin, for dampening you can add milk after intervals.

5.    Sunblock

Sun protection is quite important throughout the year if you have got no gloves on, then having a 40 SPF sunblock for your hands and feet is necessary.



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