Beauty does not Lie in the Complexion

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Beauty does not Lie in the Complexion

This universal truth can never be denied because beauty has been the symbol of admiration since the beginning of this word. God has created this world with beauty all around; nothing has been created with an essence of beauty in it. Among all the creations of God, humans are the most beautiful and wondrous ones.  Even among then humans the edge in beauty has been given to women, as aptly describe that the beauty in the world is because of feminism otherwise everything is just ordinary. 

We care, 


We make it possible with no unnatural products that can damage your delicate skin but with remedies that are close to nature and had been practiced by women for ages. Our health care tip and expert’s advice will rejuvenate your natural glow in just a blink of an eye because we care. So here are some of the healthiest natural tips for your baby like cute, flawless, glowing fresh skin.

Unhealthy habits, unhealthy skin

unhealthy skin


A beautiful face can only be complemented as beautiful if it has a natural glow and a natural glow can only be obtained by having ah healthy skin. But the natural glow and cute look of your face, and your improper diet will rob you of your natural radiant skin. But you do not have to stress yourself out because there is always a solution to every problem no matter how intense it is. 

Is flawless skin a miracle?

Beauty does not Lie in the Complexion
Beauty does not Lie in the Complexion


The first rule first! Make is not natural therefore always remove your makeup; let your skin breathe overnight. For instance, the cute look on the baby’s face is natural because, firstly, they don’t use makeup, and secondly, their skin breaths at a natural pace while they are fast asleep. So, let your skin live.

Treat nature with natural,


The best tonic for beautiful, naturally glowing, and flawless skin is vitamin D. Can’t find it in the market! No problem…we have our unlimited source of natural vitamin D, the Sun. but remember a direct encounter with the sun is harmful and can cause sunburns, therefore, apply sunblock and enjoy the sunbath. 

Nurture your glow,

As a newborn needs nurturing and care, your skin does need the same. Be natural with your skin because nature has all the solutions. The best skincare is to massage your skin with olive oil. It nourishes the lost elasticity and brings freshness to your face. Use cucumber pads for puffy eyes and cucumber paste on your face for that cute look you have wished for forever.


Restore the glow by eating healthy,


Your skin is the by-product of whatever you eat. So eat healthily and give your skin the glow and shine it deserves. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts have all that you need. They have a sufficient amount of vitamin C and protein to give you the fresh look. Keep your diet high in vitamin c and proteins and low in sugar to maintain a healthy balance.

 Sweat it out,

Regular exercise will rejuvenate your natural glow. An increase in blood circulation and sweating out of harmful material off your skin gives it a new fresh look. But remember to apply toner before you start to help hydration and massage your face with olive oil once you are done. You don’t have enough time, just brisk walk for 30 minutes, and live for your beauty.

Sleeping beauty is not a fairy tale,

Believe it or not, your skin has a timeout too, it gets tired as you do. So give it an eight hourly sleep so don’t let it sag if you want to avoid bags. But remember to wash your face and apply a good moisturizer before falling asleep. Honey can make you real honey so apply it at least twice a week to get a healthy fresh glow. 

The H2O therapy,


Life originated from water therefore water is the source to get it back. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses per day. Try eating fruits and vegetables having high water content. Cucumber, watermelon, berries, lattice, pears, peaches, carrot, radish, and cabbage, etc have lots of stored water. Squeeze it into your skin.

Acne is your enemy, no more,


Acne is the worst problem many of us face nowadays, but washing your face with warm water at least thrice a day can remove excess oil from your skin, massage your face with a cleanser and apply a mild baby lotion having the least chemical to give your skin a baby glow.

Be natural and old school


Yes! The best food for your skin is all Ayurvedic. You don’t have to spend 100s and 1000s of money on big brands, just go to your kitchen grab some basic everyday use eatables like a pinch of turmeric, take few almonds, add honey, milk, or water and apply on your face for that radiant glow you always wished for.

Love yourself, live for yourself,

You must take some time out to live for yourself, to get rid of the unwanted stress. Stress is your worst enemy, don’t let it break you out because the ultimate effect is on your skin. So just go out and enjoy nature, walk around, take the fresh air in and let your skin live a little more. 

Befriend with hormones,

Hormones are harmless but when they are stressed out they can become monsters, so take the help of your hormones, keep them balance with stress management by ding yoga, mild exercise, mediation, and restore then harmony and peace with a bestie of your skin, the hormones. 

Don’t let the puff take it away,

We all know that drinking and smoking have bad health effects but the initial one is on your face. These things can cause the natural glow and freshness of your face to go away. So don’t let the puff take it away from you. Can’t quit, cut it down, avoid as much as you can.

Be a kid,

Children are our best teachers, they teach us how to let things go that are stressing us out. Play, be happy for no reason, enjoy the sun, the rain, the night, the day, the flowers, the bugs in short everything around us is beautiful, and let us absorb it. Let us lighten up. 

Beauty does not Lie in the Complexion

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