Artificial nails are not expected to damage safe natural nails, nail modification for artificial nails can be created from a range of materials. Synthetic nails, though, can also cause complications, such as infectious diseases. Moreover, chemicals can be toxic individually inside the glues, removers, polishes, and salon goods, which professionals are often subjected to in close contact and in improperly ventilated environments.

My childhood friend who herself is a nail technician actually booked an appointment with one of the best cosmetologists in Islamabad to get my nails done for my big day. It made me realize how important it is to have a professional perform such treatments on you. I asked the cosmetologist to tell me about the pros and the cons along with the risks associated with getting such a procedure done. The cosmetologist was kind enough to enlighten me thoroughly about the matter. This is what she had to say:

Risks Associated With Getting a Cosmetic Procedure Done

If such a procedure is not done by professionals and experts it can cause infection and injury. Many cosmetologists use harmful chemicals that are detrimental to the nails and may cause nail diseases like paronychia, warts, and green nail syndrome. Let’s get into the details of these risks associated with the cosmetic procedure of acrylic nails. Before you get your acrylic nails done, here are some hazards and tips to avoid them.

The Risk of Infection

The risk of infection in cosmetic procedures of acrylic nails is very high. The wrong procedure can cause redness, swelling, and pus. The unsanitary tools used during the procedure may also cause the infection. The bacterial or fungal infection can affect your nails and it can also spread to your hand as well.

Therefore, it is necessary to use sterilized tools and conduct such procedures in the ventilated area. Moreover, only visit those salons that have a license to work as a cosmetologist.

The Harmful Chemicals

The chemicals used for applying artificial nails are harmful to the skins and therefore they can cause allergy and irritation. The elements like formaldehyde and ethyl methacrylate are used for applying acrylic nails and both of these are unsafe.  Ethyl methacrylate can become the reason for dermatitis and asthma.

Such chemicals are not only harmful to the customers but it is also detrimental for the cosmetologist.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

The risk of repetitive strain injury is also there. What’s Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI? RSI is known as cumulative trauma disorder (CTD). It occurs due to the injury in the nervous system due to the compression, repetitive use, vibration, and being in a fixed position for a longer period of time. RSI can also happen due to acrylic nails. You can feel the stiffness, cramp, tingling, or pain in the surrounding area of your nail.

You can protect yourself from all of these risks if you took the right decision just before visiting the cosmetologist. The shaafi international hospital in Islamabad is one of the best hospitals that have certified doctors who are specialized in this field.

In case there is no certified cosmetologist around you then you can apply such nails on your own. However, perform such a procedure in a well-ventilated area by using the sterilized tools.


Follow the health and safety preventive measures on the box while you are adding artificial nails. Function to shield the skin surrounding your nails from the ingredients used during the application procedure in a well-ventilated environment.

Every two to three months, try cutting your fake nails and allowing your normal nails to grow. Communicate with a dermatologist for an examination if you feel a nail fungus.


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