Many household cleaning agents are toxic in nature and are not safe for young children and pets. But a safe floor cleaning liquid from RunBugz is the answer to unclean, unhealthy flooring.

Keeping the house spick and span is a full-time job, and to do so requires a battery of detergent, powder, brushes, brooms and mops. You probably have a full basket of cleaning materials starting with a cleaner on the floor. But have you checked the substances that contain your regular floor cleaners – and are you sure it is not harmful to you and your family?

How can Floor Cleaners be Dangerous?

When you invest in a floor cleaner powder or liquid, you expect it to do one task efficiently – clean the floor! But most floor cleaners on sale today are filled with strong substances such as acid and bleach. While these can certainly remove dirt and grease from the floor, they also leave behind fine residues that can trigger respiratory disorders or headaches, or even move the skin when walking on the floor And can cause chemical burns. This residue is particularly harmful for creeping babies and pets.

It is not necessary that the floor cleaning liquid you use be super toxic to be able to perform the task of cleaning the floor 100%. In fact, antibacterial fluids from RunBugz such as liquid floor sweeper Miller provide better protection from over 100 diseases that cause floor germs. They have no side effects, and they provide permanent protection up to the next floor cleaning routine.

Generally, the most corrosive cleaning agents are drain cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, and tile cleaners. Most people accidentally use the same cleaning fluid for the wall tile and bathroom tile on the floor of their home. This is a mistake, as household tiles do not require a strong floor cleaning liquid – the corrosive nature of these other cleaners can ruin the texture and texture of your floor tiles.

Be very careful about the floor cleaning fluid you choose. Harsh chemistry cleaners can cause more harm than harm to you and your loved ones.

Floor cleaning Tips to help your Home Shine

We understand that keeping your floors clean is definitely a task, and some types of floors are easier to care for than others. That is why we are sharing some of our best tips on green floor cleaning. Laminate flooring is easy to clean with simple techniques, while marble and tile require slightly more TLC. So, if you are thinking about the best way to clean your floors, you do not come to the right place.

  1. Hardwood:- Hardwood floors are both beautiful and permanent, especially when they are given the care they deserve. Regular cleaning and maintenance, combined with occasional re-coating every few years will ensure that your hardwood flooring lasts a lifetime. When moping, use as little liquid as possible, often letting your mop out. For hardwood cleaning, we recommend using a mixture of water and vinegar to heat your floors, then rinse with warm water and dry your floors to remove excess moisture.
  2. Tile:- The grout between your tiles can catch stubborn stains. To clean your tile floor, first, sweep the area and remove any surface dirt. A mixture of equal parts of hot water and vinegar works well for the tile. If you need to address grout stains, we suggest using the same solution and scrubbing between your tiles with a toothbrush. Once your floor is clean, rinse with clean water and take out your mop as much as you can to remove moisture from your tile.
  3. Marble:- Marble floors are trickier than tiles or hardwoods. The marble will scratch easily, so it is important to clean it correctly. To avoid scratching and dulling the marble luster, avoid acidic cleaners including vinegar. We recommend a highly diluted mixture or ammonia and water (1/2 cup ammonia per gallon of water). Once you exit the store, dry the floor using a soft towel to protect the marble from moisture.
  4. In Pieces:- Laminate floors are very durable and easy to clean. We recommend regular sweeping or dry mopping to keep them in good shape. When it is time to clean your laminate, the safest way to clean is with warm water, as lamination comes in different varieties, some of which are sensitive to soaps and acidic cleaners. Use a sponge mop and take it out thoroughly so that your mop is only moist. Carefully go about cleaning and dry the area with a microfiber towel or cloth. You might consider using vinegar or soap solution, but make sure you know what kind of icing you have and how to take care of it.

Why choose RunBugz Floor Cleaning Liquid?

RunBugz Floor Cleaner Liquid is mild on your skin but super strong on germs and infectious bacteria, offering superior antibacterial and fungicidal action after use.

This is a daily effective solution to your floor cleaning problems, as you only need to add one liter of liquid to one liter of clean water. Sweep the floor to remove visible dust and dirt, and then mop with RunBugz disinfectant floor cleaner liquid as you usually clean the floor. Allow it to air-dry and take care not to walk on the floor until it dries completely.


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