All about Tyre Care and Maintenance

We do so many things to take care of our health such as regular health check-ups, a healthy diet, regular work out, etc. But, none of this will prevent you from accidental injuries if you do not take equal care of your tyres.

There are several steps that you can do to ensure that your Tyres Elstree is perfectly fine. Some of them are as mentioned in the topic below.

Steps to Follow: Tyre Care

The steps to take note of are as follows:

  • Regular inspection is a must. Getting the tyres inspected once every month is a good practice. It will help you in extending the lifespan of the wheels as well as the car. Moreover, check the tyre yourself every day to see if there is any air leak, cracks, etc. If seen, get it fixed up immediately.

  • Tyre Pressure should be as per the requirement. Always ensure that you maintain the required inflation pressure in the tyres. This step becomes crucial when you are starting a long journey or in case the tyres become cold.

The spare wheels come with a pressure of 5 psi, which needs to be corrected when in use. 5 psi is more than needed pressure. Under Inflation can cause severe cracks and unrepairable damage to the wheels.

  • Wheel alignment and balancing check. These two are very important terms. Wheel alignment means maintaining the angles of the wheels. This makes steering smooth. Besides, wheel balancing is about distributing the weight of the car evenly on the wheels. Having them both in position makes the ride safer and comfortable.

  • Replace when the tread-wear indicator is seen. The tyres have a tread-wear indicator. It is visible at a depth of 1.6mm in height. When this indicator is visible, it’s time to get the tyre replaced. So, you must keep an eye on the same.

  • Do not overload the car. Go through the user manual to see the weight carrying capacity of the car and avoid overloading. This may decrease the life of the wheels and decrease fuel efficiency as well.

  • Do not mount the tyres on your own. Always get some professional help to avoid getting bruised or placing the wrong tyres. Doing it yourself, you may mount them incorrectly.

  • Avoid spinning tyres too much. When tyres are stuck in the mud, snow or potholes do not spin the tyres excessively. It causes increased friction and heat, which tends to damage the tyres.

Washing the car, as well as wheels, is also a necessary thing to do regularly. It will help you identify any visual flaws such as cracks, bent, wheel alignment, etc. Also, be attentive while driving. The vehicle always give signs of issues such as vibrations, difficulty in handling steering, trouble in changing directions, and much more. Having a problem with the tyre Ruislip will also increase fuel consumption, creating a burden on your pocket.

It is advisable to get alignment and balancing test done after every 5000 miles of the ride. Furthermore, always use the right size of tyres. If the tyres need replacement or repair, always get guidance from experts.

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