Advertising has been the backbone of our current economic system since its foundation centuries ago. Luckily for any potential customers in need of premier ad services, Advertising Agency Singapore is the perfect candidate to take you and your business, company, or establishment to the very next level. From people who would physically go door to door to showcase new products to the modern web-based, technologically advanced forms of bringing knowledge of products and services to the masses, they have always been essential in the world of money-making and commerce.


But advertising, in any of its forms, is not as easy or simple as it used to be centuries or even mere decades ago. The stakes are high because presenting products and services to potential customers can make or break small companies and gigantic conglomerates alike. With such potential rewards to gain and losses to prevent, what exactly are businesses to do?


But before all that, a little primer in advertising agency knowledge is needed. From what it is to what it does, what are its aims, and how it goes about achieving them, this article will be sure to answer all your questions and satisfy your doubts.

What Precisely Are Advertising Agencies?

Advertising agencies (shortened to ad agencies) or creative agencies are in the business of firstly planning, then creating, and lastly running and maintaining adverts, promotions, or marketing material for their clients’ business, company, or corporation. They must get the word out in the world and make people aware of its existence as well as to create sales of it by touting its positive aspects and painting in a favorable light to make it attractive for potential customers.

What are the types of Advertising Agencies?

There are multiple types of advertising agencies and they all deal with different kinds of ads for different purposes. They are:-


1. Full-Service Ad Agency.

A full-service ad agency offers all and every kind of ad service one could require for their business. These companies are made up of teams of experts that incorporate all your demands to create, run, maintain as well as modify, if needed, the ads for your products or services and are the type of agency that Advertising Agency Singapore is.

2. Traditional Ad Agency.

These ad agencies generally deal with traditional forms of media like print in the form of newspapers or posters, TV, and radio. Good for companies trying to reach a local audience.

3. Digital Ad Agency.

These kinds of agencies deal with all kinds of online ad services and the digital space. These include general Websites, Social Media, Video-streaming sites, Search engine pages, and ads depending on your search history as well as cookies and trackers.

4. Social Media Ad Agency.

These agencies have a single focus; Social Media. They can be experts in either a single form of Social Media or can be an all-encompassing service. The different kinds of social media they could run ads on can be Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Reddit, just to name a few. Best for companies looking to expand their organic online presence and interact with potential customers.

5. Public Relations Ad Agency.

This specific kind of agency specializes in improving the public image or persona of a company or its products and services. Because goodwill and name-recognition mean a lot in the public eye, these firms expend their energies on presenting an attractive image of the company that hires them intending to potentially make the company widely known.

6. Branding Ad Agency.

Advertising Agency Singapore has a focus on what a company or product that’s being advertised, needs before its ads are run. They conduct market research and run focus groups to gauge what the public likes, dislikes, and how best to present the ads, and what exactly will be warmly received. They provide signage, fonts, and other things.

7. Creative Ad Agency.

This kind of agency excels at the creative side of projects, i.e., logo design and print on letterheads or billboards.

8. Media Buying Ad Agency.

Advertising Agency Singapore
Advertising Agency Singapore

These agencies focus on planning out and executing the exact type of media, as in pictures, videos, gifs, or audio that will accompany the ads themselves.



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