Advantages of leaflet

Advantages and Disadvantages of leaflet advertising

Advantages and Disadvantages of leaflet advertising

In today’s digital marketing era, traditional marketing tools like leaflets are often ignored or forgotten. They are considered outdated and unproductive however one should not forget the there are many advantages of leaflets and they are very useful to market a business or product.

When designed correctly, leaflets can be visually appealing, they can help in sharing useful and important information about the business or product. Till the time the whole economy does not become paperless the purpose of the leaflet can never become obsolete and it will continue being an effective marketing tool.

Marketing is very important for business survival, it is very important to determine which marketing tool or strategy works best for the business. Leaflet advertising can play an important role in the business’s marketing strategy.

Before knowing more about the advantages of leaflet advertising and disadvantages if any, let us first understand more about leaflets and their purpose.

What is the purpose of the leaflet?

The main purpose of Leaflets is used to inform and persuade the recipients about a product, service, or topic. The main purpose of a leaflet is to provide the reader with key information about the business in a small space.

They are a direct and cost-effective way of passing on business information to a large number of people.

A leaflet generally includes the phone numbers, addresses, special promotions and coupons of a business. Leaflets are a single piece of paper with information printed on one or both sides.

What is leaflet advertising?

Leaflet advertising involves designing, printing, and distributing leaflets to a group of individuals in a specific area with the intention of promoting the business and its products or services.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of leaflet advertising?

Advantages of Leaflet advertising

  • Cost-effective:

The biggest advantage of leaflet advertising is its cost-effectiveness. The cost of digital advertising is very high it includes designing costs, costs of advertising placement, paying for landing pages, etc.

In comparison, leaflet advertising includes only the cost of designing, printing, and distributing the leaflet. If you do not want to hire a professional designer you can design the leaflet at no cost by using some of the best online designing apps and tools. Printing leaflets is also not expensive as they are printed in bulk quantities.

Distribution of leaflets involves only paying for a few man-hours spent on distributing them. When you consider the cost and the returns, leaflet advertising offers a better return on your investment. Moreover, once the leaflets are designed and printed, they can be used on several occasions for example distributing them at local events or trade fairs, direct drops at residences and offices.

  • Informative:

There are several restrictions in digital marketing in terms of word count or character limit.  Contrastingly there are no such restrictions in leaflet advertising, one can add as much information they want within an organized layout.

A leaflet can offer information about the business, its products or services, any offers or sale etc.  Along with the information a leaflet also helps in advertising the company logo, contact information etc.

In digital marketing, after posting an ad online you have to rely on the platform to route someone from your advertisement to your website, and then to a contact form or email address.

The key advantage of leaflet advertising is that you can convey a lot of information in one go. You can include your products or services, case studies, mention the pricing information and tell the potential customer about how the product or service is helpful all in a single well-designed leaflet. A well-designed leaflet includes attractive images and texts which make the layout easy to read and understand.

  • Local Targeting

Leaflets are distributed or handed out, this gives complete control over who the business wants to target. The business can directly convey information about their product or service to the target audience by handing them the leaflet or dropping them in the letterbox.

Unlike digital advertising, in leaflet advertising, the business is guaranteed to be seen and noticed by the people in that specific location.  In online marketing one would need to post their ads on different platforms and search engines, to ensure they are able to connect with their target audience on the medium they are using.

Leaflets can be distributed in areas having a higher percentage of the target market. For example, if a new medical store or salon is being opened in an area, distributing leaflets at a shopping Centre or market area in that area will help in targeting the people of the locality.

Disadvantages of Leaflet Advertising

Advantages of leaflet

  • Easily Discarded:

If leaflets are not visually appealing or printed on poor quality paper there are high chances the recipients will discard them or throw them off.

Most of the time people judge the leaflet on the basis of its visual appeal and quality, if it is attractive and pleasing they will read it and maybe store them for future reference. Therefore it is very important that the leaflets are well-designed and worth a second glance.

  • No lasting impact: 

Many people consider leaflets to be a waste of time, they do not bother reading them or spare a minute to open them and view them. Leaflets that are not well designed and are of low quality end up being discarded or ignored.

  • Not considered important: 

Leaflets are regularly distributed and handed out to people when they are in a market area or a shopping Centre, they are dropped in the letterboxes or at the doorsteps of the target audience. People know that leaflets are for publicizing products or services, they believe that the leaflets are for publicity of things which they are not interested in or important for them. Hence, most people end up discarding a leaflet even without reading it when they receive it.


After going through the advantages and disadvantages of leaflet advertising you can say that when used appropriately, a leaflet advertising campaign is an affordable and cost-effective marketing tool.

The disadvantages of leaflet advertising can be easily overcome by a well-designed and well-planned leaflet.

For years, businesses of all sizes have been using leaflets as an effective marketing tool.  Leaflets are not expensive and are very easy to distribute in the local target area. They are a wonderful way to promote a business or brand.


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