Gone are the days when we needed a separate area for playing tennis, basketball, and other sports. Schools, universities, and societies no more need to dedicate different areas or invest a lot in outdoor sports facilities. Why?

Well, the answer to all this is- Multi Use Game Area Surface, popularly known as MUGAS. They are dedicated areas where one can find all the facilities at one place for playing netball, basketball, hockey, and much more. They are the solution to the modern dilemma of our generation-Lack of space.

Let’s Take a Look at What Exactly it is.

Types of Multi Use Game Area Surface (MUGAS)

These areas are divided into several types, distinguished by their primary usage. The types are as mentioned below:

  • Type 1 – They are primarily used for tennis, and subsequent options are netball, mini-tennis, and basketball.
  • Type 2 – The fundamental use is for netball, subsequent options include tennis, basketball, and mini-tennis.
  • Type 3 – These are mainly for playing netball; subsidiary options include the same as type 2.
  • Type 4 – Type 4 is for 5-a-side football,
  • Basketball, and general sports. However, it can furthermore be used for recreational training and play.

Benefits of Installing MUGAS

After knowing about the meaning and use of multi-use game areas, we must know the usefulness of it. As humans, we only work for profit, be it financial, emotional, or any other. So, why would a school or institute install these? Let us check out.

  • It is budget-friendly. First of all, multiple games can be played in the same area, so it cuts the cost of having dedicated areas for different sports. Secondly, schools can rent them to clubs or team practices to earn a side income. Moreover, a lot of space is also saved.
  • They need minimal maintenance. They don’t need any caretaker or grass cutting services. Additionally, one doesn’t need to clean and service different playing areas. Hence, time and costs were saved once again.
  • Perfect for all-weather. MUGAS are artificial surfaces and are free from flooding/draining issues. They don’t turn muddy and wet during winters and have good heat resistance. As a result, they don’t burn or crack during summer, making them available in all the seasons.
  • They can be installed anywhere. Be it your house, society garden, office sports area, schools, or colleges- MUGAS can be installed anywhere.

How to get these areas installed?

There are several competing companies out there that can help you get an area as such. All you need to do is contact from for a consultancy- paid or free. These companies help with everything starting from determining the dimensions of the area required, to the type of MUGAS that should preferably be installed. The age group of kids, popularity of the sports, and several other factors are evaluated in the installation of these surfaces.

Apart from being space and budget-friendly, MUGAs are an excellent option for promoting a healthfuller lifestyle. It encourages students to use their gadgets less, and involve in outdoor activities more by offering 3-4 activities in a single space.



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