customized Lotion boxes

are quite an important type of cosmetic packages that have great importance for the brands. It is easy to get various kinds of benefits by using them. Many people are aware of those, but there are many misconceptions and myths about them as well. These are far from reality; that is the reason we are here to make it clear to you. The following are 8 misconceptions about them that you must ignore. 

They are not protective

Well, this one needs no special introduction. Many people think that custom lotion boxes are not good for protection purposes. It is solely because they do not have good weight and strength. But that is not reality at all. It is because most people like to use thin cardboard sheets for manufacturing them. But it is possible to make them with a sheet that has a good thickness. Due to this, you need to understand that they are protective. Even in this form, they can provide safety against harmful elements like chemicals, dust, microorganisms, etc. When laminated, they can resist moisture as well. That is why it is not more than a myth only. 

Do not have high-quality customized lotion boxes

You will find people saying that these lotion cardboard boxes do not have good quality. But when we talk about reality, it is important to understand that they have customizable quality. It depends upon the brands that which one they choose for their products. It is possible to manufacture them with a dense cardboard sheet or a thin one. That is up to the business to choose the required one. High-class printing is also possible on them. This thing help in understanding how impressive they are for the businesses. 

Not good for promotion

Talking about printed lotion boxes for promotional purpose, many people are there that think they are not suitable for promotional purpose. But that is not true at all. It is because many businesses are already using them for enhancing their brand recognition. By printing a logo on them, it is possible to do so. Using slogans or other taglines of the brand can also do marketing for the business. Businesses can also print product portfolios on them that can help in promoting the product line. This thing shows that it is just a misconception that they are not good for promotion. 

Hve short life

It is linked with their compact size and thin sheet that many businesses use for reducing their cost. But the packaging that has dense cardboard sheets can last long. Many premium brands use that sheet, so their packages have more durability. This thing shows that their durability is dependent on the quality a brand gets for their products. Not just this, it is also possible to laminate them with a vinyl sheet. That make them moisture resistant. This thing also improves their durability. 

The shape is not changeable

Some brands are there that need to change these shapes of custom printed boxes. But there is a common misconception that these packages only come in rectangular or cubical form. But when we talk about the customizability of cardboard, it is possible to alter its shape. Many brands are already using customized shapes. Like a pillow, pyramidal, hexagonal, etc., are some popular shapes. So, you do not have to pay attention to this misconception as it is far from reality.

Have only foldable lid style

The style of a lid is the major thing that determines the overall style of packaging. In the case of lotion packages, many brands need to have a wide variety of options. But there a misconception that they only come in a foldable lid style. Yes, it is true in most cases. But businesses can easily get a customized style for their products. You can easily get a removable lid style. Sliding tray design is also there for you. A magnetic closure box is also available in this case. That makes this misconception clear for you.  

Not sustainable

Sustainability is a big issue these days. Many people are looking for sustainable custom packaging. But many people believe that these lotion packages are not eco-friendly. It is because of their metallic or vinyl lamination that makes them think so. But the cardboard inside is a sustainable material. And the lamination has a small amount as compared to the total size of the packaging. Imagine if the entire package was made from plastic? As compared to that, these packages are sustainable. 

Limited graphical options

You can easily ignore this misconception about the packaging for these kinds of cosmetic productsPeople think that there are limited options because many brands in the industry use minimalistic designs. But that does not mean businesses cannot use many other graphical options that are available for other kinds of packages. Customizing their color scheme is easy. Brands can easily personalize the illustrations and images on them as well. That shows it is no more than a myth. 

The importance of lotion boxes is not easy to ignore. Many businesses consider them vital for getting success in the market. But some misconceptions about them are gaining popularity. That is why we have cleared some of the top myths about them. You must avoid them from now on.



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