Embroidery Design

The process of embroidery can be described as creating a design on a piece of fabric. At present, the embroidery technique is used for displaying custom artwork and brand promotion purposes.

There are plenty of machine-driven and custom embroidery techniques like whitework embroidery techniques, custom embroidery methods, etc. The embroidery pattern can be created by using hands or an embroidery machine. Hand-based embroidery is somewhat different from machine-based embroidery.

Hand-Based Embroidery

The hand-based embroidery process requires a large piece of fabric that is stretched inside the plastic hoop. When the first stitch is made, then you have to make a decision related to the color of thread and stitch type.

In this embroidery method, the designer creates every stitch with his/her hands. It is a time-consuming process. Sometimes, it is difficult to create complicated designs by using the hand-based embroidery method.  

Machine-Based Embroidery

In the embroidery method, the special embroidery machine is used to create embroidered artwork. The embroidery designs created by the embroidery machines are precise and visually appealing.

In the case of machine-based embroidery, you are free to choose any design and any color. But you need to convert the sketch-work into the digitized design that can be uploaded on the embroidery machine.

For example, if you want to embroider the cowboy’s star team logo on a t-shirt, then you have to digitize the design for embroidering it. You can also download machine-based embroidery designs online such as cowboys star SVG machine-based embroidery design.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss different types of embroidery techniques:  

1. Outline Embroidery

The outline embroidery technique incorporates the design outline. The embroidery technique is good for creating different types of stitches like backstitch, stem stitch, chain stitch, and outline stitch. Usually, this technique involves overlapping stitches to create a new pattern.

2. Whitework Embroidery

This type of embroidery technique is implemented only on white fabric by using white floss. Another name of the whitework embroidery technique is French laid work. The whitework embroidery technique is an integration of different types of embroidery methods like Broderie Anglaise, shadow work, etc.

3. Counted Thread Embroidery

It is an embroidery technique that incorporates counting thread in the fabric while making every stitch. It results in the generation of symmetrical stitches. One of the most popular forms of the counter thread embroidery technique is cross-stitch.

The cross stitch is good for creating any kind of design. It is also perfect for text-based designs. This technique of embroidery can be used for creating logo designs on your cloth such as raiders logo vector design on a t-shirt. 

4. Candlewicking Embroidery

The candlewicking embroidery method is just like the whitework embroidery method. The candlewicking embroidery method is usually comprised of the unbleached heavy cotton thread.

This kind of embroidery technique is implemented on the unbleached muslin. This type of embroidery technique is also known as the traditional embroidery method.

It is named so because the Candlewicking embroidery utilizes the old method of stitching known as the “colonial knot”. The colonial knots are created on the design lines.

5. Patchwork Embroidery

In this embroidery technique, you need to take one lathe fabric base and stick small pieces of fabric on it. The small pieces of fabrics are arranged over the larger ones according to the aesthetics.

In this method, you can create stitches by either hand or machine. The patchwork embroidery technique is perfect for creating a visually appealing design.

You can use any kind of stitch in the embroidery technique for decorating your design. The Patchwork embroidery technique is mostly used for decorating quilts.

6. Shadow Work Embroidery

In the embroidery technique, the herringbone stitch type is used. This type of embroidery technique is used for creating the embroidery design on transparent as well as semi-transparent fabrics.

It means that the shadow work will be easily visible on the face of the fabric. This kind of embroidery technique is perfect for lightweight fabric like voile, organdie, muslin, etc.  

7. Fish Scale Embroidery

In this type of embroidery technique, the scales of fishes are used as the scale of goldfish to create the embroidery design. The fish-scale embroidery is usually good for the velvet material. In this embroidery technique, first of all, the scale of fish is prepared, and after that holes are created at the base of every scale. Finally, it is ready for stitching on fabric.

The embroidery can be done by hand or by using the embroidery machine. Also, the embroidery method is cost-efficient and reliable as well. If you want to customize your clothes or apparel, then you should consider the embroidery technique.

It is so because the visual appeal embroidered pattern is higher as compared to the printing technique. The embroidery technique is a perfect combination of stitches, fabric, and thread. Every embroidered design and embroidery project can reflect your unique style.  


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