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5 Proven Tips to Leverage Instagram feed to Build Your Brand

How many hours do you spend scrolling through your Instagram Feed in a day? 

Lost the count already?

If you have a business & spend an uncountable number of hours on Instagram daily, you might utilize this brilliant platform to generate new leads and grow your business. 

But how do you do it? 

Well, we are here to help you by providing you a few tips that would come in extremely handy if you love spending time on Instagram and wish to upgrade your business to another level. 

Enjoy the read! 

Be On Track with your Niche

Many of us don’t understand the significance of this point. It is not at all a difficult task. You can create more brand exposure in 3 easy steps. Just Like, Comment, and Follow brands that fall under the category of your brand. This way, you will create your community of followers who will better engage in your posts and connect with you and your brand. And this is a brilliant way to get in check with how your competitors are performing.

P.S.- Please don’t let your ego get in your way. As humans and in the highly competitive spirit, we often bring in our pride in the way of just hitting a follow button at times.

Consistency is Important! 

Create a pattern for your brand page. Your page will look more attractive and in place once you create a theme for your Instagram page. Following a pattern is mandatory and does not clutter up posts. Once you create a pattern, it will be way easier for you to understand what to post next. A nicely arranged Instagram Feed account will instantly grab more attention from your followers. Be consistent with your posting. This way, your followers will know what to expect and stay connected with your brand. You must post at least four times a week to keep your followers active. Hiring a social media manager is another way to keep your Instagram consistent and active. 

Include Call To Action in your Content

While creating your posts, do you interact with your audience by including words like ‘Call Now!’ 

‘Limited Seats Available,’ ‘Hurry’? 

If No, then you definitely must. The main aim here is to make your audience connect with you more efficiently and effectively. You must make your audience interact with you by adding CTA to your captions as well. Include lines like ‘Tag your friends,’ ‘Comment your answer,’ ‘Let us know what you think.’ 

Embed your Instagram Feed on your Website 

It is another efficient way to engage your audience more with your brand. Suppose a potential customer has visited your website instead of your Instagram by any chance. In that case, they may get curious about your Instagram Feed the minute they see Instagram Feed on your website. Many tools help you embed your Instagram feed on your website, but Taggbox Widget is the best platform. With Taggbox Widget, you can embed and customize your Instagram feed using themes, design layouts, colors, etc., to make it more attractive. 

Contests & Giveaways 

Giveaways are the most effective ways to increase your followers and help people understand your brand better. Every person likes free stuff. Make use of the interest of people in your brand. Make engaging Instagram Feed to attract users. You will not just increase your brand presence but also generate quality leads. Out of a hundred generated leads, at least a few will be likely to purchase your product or service since they took out their precious time to participate in the giveaway and showcased some interest. 

Feature your clients in your Story & Posts 

Make your clients feel valued when they make any purchase from you. If your customers are taking out their time to tag you in their posts and stories and enjoying your product or service, that’s great! It is your moral imperative to make them feel special. Simply start reposting their reviews on your Instagram and show some love back to them. This way, you will gain more social proof and credibility. 

Let’s Call It A Wrap

Research suggests that they are about 400 million users on Instagram daily. Even if a small percentage of those users engage and connect to your brand, imagine how many customers you can attract! 

Irrespective of your business’s niche, be it a restaurant, hospital, fashion brand, shoes, or technically anything. If you are not on Instagram, then you surely are missing out on a lot of customers. 

Leave aside the old-school methods of marketing with newspapers, magazines, or even cold calling and use Influencer marketing of Social media’s power instead. 

Mainly Instagram

Just give it a thought!   

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