Are you preparing for CMA? Then you must be looking for advice from some successful CMA, right? Who can direct you a little bit? Then you are in the right place. I am a CMA from the USA, I can guide you. As a beginner, everyone is afraid of this course and its exam because it is not easy to clear it in one attempt. But yes, this is also true that many people have completed CMA on the first attempt. If I can do it on the first attempt, then why not you?

Before moving further wait and think do you want to do it? Doing anything without passion, without interest is only a waste of time and money. So it’s better to clear your goals first. If you want to do CMA then stick to this article, read it till the end and prepare yourself for a successful life.

1. Decide your learning style

The learning style of everyone cannot be the same. Some prepare self notes, some hire tutors, some watch videos, and some prepare charts. Choose the style in which you feel you can learn easily and complete the course soon with complete knowledge.

When I was preparing for CMA (USA), then I bought a course, plus took help from videos and prepared charts as well. But it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to my learning style. If you think you gain adequate knowledge with some other way then go for it. Learning style will not decide your success in exams, but your knowledge will.

You can play some quizzes for self-assessment. If you are making self notes then highlight the main points so that you can do a quick revision at any time.

2. Make a group of like-minded people

Making friends with like-minded people is always a good idea when you are preparing for exams like CMA. It will help you gain more knowledge. You will get to know about what they are facing, what things they are doing to clear the exams. Share your strategy and ask them to share too. If you find something that you should also do, then you must apply it to your schedule.


3. Take proper breaks

Taking a break is never a bad idea. You can study for the whole day. This can exhaust your brain completely and you will face difficulty in learning the things you are reading. A scientific study says you should for 50 minutes and take a break of 10 minutes and then again stick back to study. This helps you to keep you mentally fresh and brain in a good working state. Even I did the same, and it keeps me fresh and my mind healthy. You listen to some good relaxing music or treat yourself to coffee or chocolates or whatever you like. This can help you with increasing your memory.

Don’t forget to take care of your health, everything is secondary. Keep priority to your health. Without good health, you cannot achieve any goal. Don’t ever skip your meals for the sake of CMA, just never! No one wants to hire an unhealthy employee in their office.


4. Get a mate for you

Study with someone who is also preparing for CMA like you. But choose your mate wisely. He or she must be determined and sincere towards their goal. But doing it very often is also not good. You can arrange a group study twice a week. You will get to know about how they are preparing for the exams. You all can set a target for one day and took it as a challenge. This can be fun as well as informative.

Study for an hour and take a 10-minute break. And do some news gossip in the break. At the end of the study time, you can do a quick revision by taking a test of each other. Isn’t it a great idea?

A quick test will help you to know where you are in your efforts. It will keep you to motivated to do more to beat everyone.


5. Keep calm and study hard

Are you worried that your course is still not completed? Panicking is not a solution for it. Just keep calm and study hard. Don’t get demotivated that others have finished the course and you have to study a lot more. Even I faced the same situation when I was preparing for CMA.

Take a short break and explore nature, it will help you to relax and select a target for you and stick back to the desk until it’s not completed.



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