Essential Tips to Boost Computer Performance

4 Essential Tips to Boost Computer Performance

Essential Tips to Boost Computer Performance


With technology evolving over the years, there has only been an expansion in the usage of computers. School, offices, gaming, and all other sorts of personal and official tasks are incomplete without a certain amount of operations on computers. But when it comes to Windows PC, users complain about performance issues which creates hurdles in tasks. This section has brought you some must-know methods to boost your computer’s performance and increase your skills as well as productivity.


Workarounds to Enhance PC Performance


From using the best free driver updater to checking up on your system’s drive storage, you can use these quickest ways to solve your computer’s performance issues.


1. Remove Unnecessary Apps


There are tons of pre-installed apps resting on your system storage that you have no idea about. Your device comes loaded with a number of programs that you probably won’t use ever. These applications do nothing but contribute to the drainage of system resources and thus, your system starts performing poorly. Such apps come in the light with the pop-ups prompting you to install the updates.


To boost your computer’s performance and enhance your productivity, you can check up on your system and remove the programs that you never use. Here are the steps to remove unnecessary programs from your computer:


  • Hit the Start button and then go to the All apps menu.
  • Now, you should be able to see a list of apps you have and have not installed.
  • After spotting the programs that you don’t use, you can right-click on them to open the Options menu to uninstall.


Once you have followed this process, you will be able to free up some space on disk and thus, there will be a boost in your computer’s overall performance.


2. Update Drivers


To keep your computer’s performance steadfast and your productivity up to the mark, it is essential to keep drivers on your system up-to-date. Know that an outdated, missing or corrupted driver can cause more troubles to the functions on your system than you think. It can not only slow down your machine but also risk inviting data threats.


Thus, you can check up on the Device Manager and update the drivers present there to make sure you don’t get troubled by their dysfunctionalities in the future. However, this method can be a bit tedious, as an alternative to which you can use a trusted third-party driver updater tool like BitDriver Updater for more effective results.


Using the Bit Driver Updater tool can prove to be a surefire solution if you are struggling with outdated drivers. This tool ensures enhancements in your devices and helps you fetch the correct drivers. The best part about this tool is that it automatically detects the compatible drivers and takes no time in installing the updates. You can update multiple drivers using this tool and also, backup the former one for future requirements.


3. Check Up on Viruses and Spyware


There always comes a time when you end up catching a virus on your web browser and accidentally open the doors for it to enter your operating system. Clicking on email attachments, giving into the suspicious links and programs, or opening an unrecognized website encourage malicious elements to enter your system.


If you are facing performance tantrums by your computer, then checking up on viruses is a must. Thankfully, Windows Defender software makes things quite easier than before. This new software helps scan the malware that is prepping-up to spoil your system resources and hijack every corner of them.


Apart from using Windows Defender, you can use any trusted third-party software to help your system combat malware. There are some third-party antimalware tools out there that you can count on when it comes to scanning and removing viruses. For effective solutions, this type of solution can give you a big hand.


But when it comes to using a third-party antimalware tool, there are curtains things like performance, credibility, etc. that you consider before downloading any third-party software. Besides, there are also some crucial factors including speed and size that you can consider before jumping to any decision.


4. Use Disk Cleanup and Defragmentation


With the help of Disk Cleanup, you will be able to view all the applications and files that are consuming a huge amount of space on your system. Besides finding the files that you don’t need, Disk Cleanup lets you delete them and promotes free space. If you want to boost your computer’s performance then this step is worth trying.


Here is what you have to do:


  • Hit the Start button and go to the program.
  • Now, you will be able to view the files, installer apps, and web pages that are of no use to you.
  • Then, you can delete them.


Disk Cleanup is an incredible method to boost life on your computer, depending on how much such unnecessary data take up on your system. You should consider adding more RAM to your machine in order to keep the space issues away. Apart from that, you can also seek disk defragmentation to gain insights into how much space have you left on your hard drive. You read the Best Laptop For Coding under 30000.



So, there were the best ways to quicken your computer’s speed and boost life into it. These methods are the universal ones that do count when it comes to improving the performance of your PC. You can drop your suggestions and views in the comment section.



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