Best Electric Dab Rigs and E-Nails

Dab concentrates are a concentrated form of plant extracts. They usually require a lot of heat to efficiently vaporize. Originally people used dab rigs, which were glass water pipes with a metal or glass rod (nail). The nail is heated and it in turn touches and vaporizes the dab concentrate. 

These original dab rigs had their share of merits and demerits. To help solve some of their shortcomings, brands came up with electric dab rigs. This new dab rig type utilizes a battery and an E-nail to heat the concentrate, instead of relying on a blowtorch and the traditional nail. They are more safe, efficient, portable, and easy to use when compared to the original dab rig.

Best Electric Dab Rigs and E-Nails

  1. Focus V Carta.

The Focus V Carta is an exceptional electric dab rig that is well made and excellent functioning. It features 18350 removable batteries and four temperature settings.  Each of its 18350 batteries holds a 1200 mAh capacity. Having a fully charged pair of these batteries you can go for up to 50 sessions.

Also, the E-rig features both quartz and titanium buckets to vaporize your concentrates. Furthermore,  it has a large glass bubbler that provides enough filtration, ensuring you get the smoothest hits. 

  1. Dr. Dabber SWITCH.

Dr. Dabber’s SWITCH is among the few electric dab rigs that have induction heating, which is known for its top-notch efficiency. Its heating chamber houses a magnetic coil. As a result, the SWITCH uses a magnetic field to heat the cup and vaporize the concentrates rather than direct contact with the concentrate. You can be sure of getting vapor of premium quality out of the electric dab rig.

Besides, Dr. Dabber SWITCH is a versatile E-RIG. With a press of a button, you can transform it into a dry herb vaporizer. 

The SWITCH comes with  25 calibrated heat settings that can meet a wide range of preferences. The E-rig’s battery is capable of 150 uses on a single charge.

  1. The Core.

The Core E-nail is an affordable electric dab rig with excellent performance and high-grade quality. It has four heat settings and a pre-heat function that enable you to dab thick waxes.  In addition, the E-rig comes with quartz and titanium bucket atomizers plus a titanium coil atomizer. 

  1. Pulsar RoK. 

The RoK electric dab rig features a top-mounted heating chamber that utilizes both ceramic and quartz cups to vaporize your concentrates. Its bubbler features a shower-head percolator that offers enough filtration and ensures your heats are clean. 

You can also heat the dabbing device continuously for 30 seconds. Pulsar refers to this feature as the “RoK mode.” It enables you to sesh effortlessly.

Moreover, the RoK features a one-button operation and comes with a well-written user manual that enables you to easily use it.

  1. Puffco Peak.

Puffco Peak is a classy and top performer dab rig. It features four heat settings (450 °F, 500 °F, 550°F, 600°F), which is enough versatility for vaporizing different materials or different load sizes.

The hits that the Puffco Peak produces are potent, huge, and flavorful. Furthermore, the dab rig’s water filtration system is excellent in cooling and cleaning the vapor before you inhale it and ensuring the authentic flavor of your concentrates is maintained.

Besides, Puffco Peak’s battery is reasonably good. You can expect between 15 to 20 strong draws from the E-rig before needing to recharge the dab rig again.

  1. G-Pen Connect.

The G-Pen Connect electric dab rig features a very unique E-nail. It is suited for any 14 mm female downstem. Therefore, you can use your best piece with the extracts. 

The  G-Pen Connect features 3 voltage settings from  ( 3.1 V, 3.6 V, and 4.3 V). As well, the E-rig comes with a ceramic atomizer that produces large clouds of flavorful and powerful flavor.

The G-Pen connect has an 850 mAh, which is pretty decent. 

  1. Kandypens Oura.

The Oura electric dab rig from Kandypens features four heat settings as indicated on a ring of light around the device’s base. Yellow is 620°F or 327°C, Green is 860°F or 460°C, Red is 980°F or 527°C, and Blue is 1090°F or 588°C.

Moreover, this electric dab rig pumps out clouds and an excellent flavor. 


Electric dab rigs are the best devices that will ensure you get the most out of your dab concentrates. Fortunately, you now know the best electric dab rig brands that you can obtain in 2021.

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