Every girl wishes to try different hairstyles from home with the latest trend. Having straight hair is a plus point if you want to style them into varieties of hairdos, either in curls and wavy hair, with a new look. You can style your hair even using straight hair bundles, and from there, you can maintain any hairstyles you want. Straight bundles can be styled with different hair textures: you can choose your favourite kind of hairdos that suits your face shape. 


A twist ponytail for your straight hair 

Straight Hairstyles

Simple ponytail is boring at times, right? Adding a twist to your pony can be fun and adorable. Try this twisted ponytail by dividing it into two sections. Start twisting one section of the hair and wrap it around the other section of your pony to achieve the twisted ponytail. All you need is a hair tie that can secure your hair tightly. Use hairspray to keep your twisted ponytail hydrated. 

High bun

Bun Hairstyles For Straight Hair

Try this high bun hairstyle because it is super easy to maintain and less time-consuming. It’s one of the perfect and quick hairstyles to wear for straight hair if you are in a hurry for your work. You can do it yourself anytime within a few minutes. It will keep your hair falling out of her face giving it a tidy and fuller look. Prepare a hair tie and bobby pins and get ready for this look. 

Elegant low bun

If you think a high bun is annoying, choose this elegant low bun for the perfect look. It is the easiest and simplest updos and the most versatile. You can wear it in different styles, either at the side or at the center or with a messy low bun. It works wonders no matter how you maintain it. 

Low ponytail with knot hairstyle

Straight Hair Extensions

No matter how much hair length you have, this low knotted ponytail looks impressive and elegant, especially if you have straight hair. It goes well with a formal outfit if you are attending a conference. This hairstyle is convenient if you are in a hurry. You can either tie with one or two knots that will suffice in making the perfect knotted low ponytail. 

Half braided hairstyle

Straight Hairstyles

Want to try a half braided hairstyle for your straight hair. Choose this hairdo and amaze your friends. It is one of the attractive, elegant, and charming hairstyles you look for every day. This hairdo is perfect if you are wearing skirts and tops. Try this half braid hairstyle to achieve a stylish and captivating look. All you need is a teasing brush, elastic rubber bands, and bobby pins to secure the braid. You can use a hair accessory for a fancier look. 

Straight wavy bob hairdo

If you have short hair, always choose this bob cut hairstyle for the perfect look. You can use a curler to give your hair a little touch of waves. It looks great in every face feature and any style. This bob-cut is best for short hair, especially if you are going to work. Achieve a youthful and sexy 

Cute ponytail

A ponytail hairstyle is styled by pulling hair towards the backside of the head using a hair tie. If you have thin hair, this straight ponytail is the perfect choice to achieve a fresh and attractive look. You can even choose straight hair bundles for more volume and hair length in addition to your natural hair. This hairstyle is suitable to show off your sexy cheekbone and with a fuller look. 

Messy bun for your straight hair

Trying out a messy bun is fun at times because a straight hairdo is boring every day. Make it fun by adding hair accessories to make it look more dramatic and fancy. It is easy to create a messy bun, and it can be done in three minutes. A messy bun is comfortable to wear with any outfit you choose. Try this messy hairdo. All you need in handy is a hair tie. A messy bun never goes out of style because most women select this hairdo, especially when they do not have enough time to fix other hairstyles. It is faster and easier than you think. 

Side swept braid

Want to add extra volume to your new hairstyle for your braid? Straight bundles are the perfect and right choice for a little touch of volume and hair texture. The side-swept braid is super easy to style for your straight hair. It won’t take more than 10 minutes to maintain. Rock this hairstyle for an edgy and outstanding look. 

Asymmetrical medium hair bun

This hairstyle is perfect for a stylish look and formal gathering. It is similar to a bun, but asymmetrical adds a subtle charm to it. This is fun to try for a fuller and sexy look to your appearance. This asymmetrical twist bun helps you achieve a chic, classic, and elegant for an everyday look. 

Straight hair with amazing bangs

Having bangs can drastically change your look because it adds a unique feature to your face with an edgy and sexy vibe. You can even use fake bangs if you don’t have permanent bangs. Fake bangs look just really like your natural bangs. Additionally that, use a headband if you want to look fancier and more attractive. I bet you it can transform your face just in moments. You can part it either with a middle or side parting. 

Quick maleficent curls 

Having straight hair doesn’t mean you can’t curl your hair. If you want to change your hairstyle away from straight hair, grab a curler and start curling down. You don’t have to visit a salon to style curls. It can be done at home within 10 minutes. You can braid your hair overnight and loosen it the next day: you will achieve the sexy curls you want. 

Ping Tails

Ping tails are easy and straightforward hairdos that are worn by women of all ages. It does not consume more time than other hairstyles. It can be done within 3 minutes, especially if you are in a rush. All you need is two rubber bands and start by tying two equal hairs at the side of your head. If you have short hair, don’t worry, you can always look for straight hair bundles to add length and volume to your natural hair. Try these ping tails and achieve a cute and youthful look. 

Chignon hairstyle for straight hair

A chignon is one of the popular hairstyles that are loved by most women. It is created by pinning the hair into a knot at the nape of the neck or the back of your head. This timeless chignon hairdo is classic and never goes out of fashion. It goes well with skirts and formal outfits. 

Half up, half down bun

Half up half down bun is an easy and fun hairstyle that can be worn anytime and is perfect for your straight hair. You need an elastic band to secure the half-up bun and keep the remaining hair straighten and achieve a gorgeous look.  


Follow these 20 easy straight hairstyles for work from home and flaunt in the way you like with these easy straight hairstyles. 




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