We are living in an age where we are exposed to tons and tons of data on a regular basis. All of this is so overwhelming for us that our attention span has decreased to that of a goldfish, i.e., 5-8 seconds. We have become accustomed to swiping within seconds if something doesn’t grab our attention, and to avoid that from happening, companies use infographics to ensure that the visitors stay longer on our site.

Statistics have shown that infographics increase reading comprehension by 50%, and increases learning and retention by 78%. Moreover, if we talk about marketing stats, it has been predicted that visuals will play an important part in marketing strategy for 86% of businesses in 2021.

Infographics are visually appealing, engaging. and memorable which is why you should use them in your posts. They are a combination of text, image, and design which are the modern way to grab the attention of the audience. Using infographics gives you many perks, let’s check them out.


1. Grabs Attention

As discussed above, visuals are pleasing to our eyes which is why they immediately catch our attention. In addition to that, alluring graphics are far more engaging than if we use plain text. Research has shown that visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text.

2. Make Complicated Information More Understandable

Infographics makers create complex and heavy topics that are easy to understand through the combination of image, text, and design. It involves collecting relevant data, writing compelling words, and presenting them in an effective way that is easy and appealing.

Infographics also make use of story elements to embed the message into the minds of the reader.

3. Increase Memorability

Research has shown that using visual cues helps boost memorability of the information. This is a quick-fire way to carve your message into the brains of your audience.

4. Boost SEO

Infographics that are relevant and useful get shared and linked back, resulting in better search rankings. Various SEO experts have recommended using infographics as a way to boost organic reach. 

In case you don’t understand how you’ll insert keywords in the infographic as it is an image, then let me tell you. You can use the HTML format of infographics and you can also embed codes to track their record.

5. Can Be Used for Offline Marketing 

Infographics scope is not limited to online platforms but extends beyond the horizon of digital marketing. It is used in the form of brochures and print material and has reaped prosperous results for the company, contributing to the overall marketing strategy. 

6. Gets Higher Reach & Traffic Compared to Other Mediums

This reminds us of a quote “ your message is only as good as your ability to share it”. Infographics are the winner when it comes to sharing as it reaches every corner of the internet quite easily. 

They are pinned on Pinterest, favorited and tweeted on Twitter, liked on Instagram and Facebook, and even embedded in blogs and websites to promote better understanding.

All of this makes their case go viral. We have seen infographics get 500,000 views on a single pin, so yes infographics do get you a higher reach and traffic.

With infographics, you have the potential to go viral as it has so much information packed in such a concise package.

 7. You’ll Be Able to Raise Brand Awareness

Infographics are designed in such a way that it includes details about the creator such as company logo, email, contact number, and website address. It not only tells people about your brand but it shows them visually which is more powerful than writing simple paragraphs of text.

If infographics are used well, they can increase your web traffic by at least 12%.

8. Can Go Viral

Research conducted by MDG Advertising found out that content with graphics generates 94% more views than if you used only text. This rule is applicable to not only infographics but equally applies to all sorts of content.

The same report also highlighted the fact that press releases with pictures got 14% more views, and if it contained images and video both then the percentage of views increased by 48%. This is how powerful visuals are. Audiences will always prefer a text with visuals to a simple text so why not use it to your advantage and give the audience what they want. 

9. Easily Embeddable

One of the best characteristics of infographics is that it is easily embeddable. If you include an embed code with your infographic, other people would then be easily able to integrate the infographic using embed code into their blogs and websites.

Moreover, an embedded infographic will redirect visitors from their website to yours as it automatically creates a link to your site.

10. Positions You As A Thought Leader

Presenting the information in an easily digestible way using charts, graphs, tables, and stats shows the audience the amount of research the creator has done. It establishes credibility and trust while also positioning the creator as an expert on that particular subject.

Final Thoughts

Infographics is a gold mine waiting to be explored. After all, in this highly competitive era where billions of bytes of data are floating around, you need to step up your game which is possible through the use of infographics.

Infographics cut through the noise and help you capture the attention of the audience while engaging them at the same time. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster and are also memorable so you need to use them in your content strategy.


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