Girls are usually very conscious over their nails, and everyone wants it to grow in a very good manner, and all the girls wish to have stronger nails. So, here we will discuss 10 Best tips for longer nail:

10 Best Tips for Longer Nail, Medical Remedies, Final Draw


10 Best tips for longer nail

Nail polish remover:

Girls usually apply nail polish over their skin which gives a very beautiful effect on their nails but this thing lasts for one or two days. Then, girls try to opt for something new and remove the previous color and try a new color. But before applying new color they remove the previous one with a nail polish remover. Try to use the nail polish as minimum as you can or if you want to use them then use the chemical-free remover. Because the nail polish with the acids are more likely to eat away all the nutrients of your nails and will make them fragile.

Nail shaper:

Try to shape your nails on a regular basis because it is kind of similar to hair. Hair is trimmed just because to ensure their growth and strongness of the hair. Same case with the nails. Try to shape your nails daily with a unique piece that will ensure their growth and good health of the nails.

Petroleum gel:

Petroleum gel is used to implement over the skin to nourish them. If you implement it over the nails, then it will prove to be very beneficial for them. It will strengthen them in a very good manner. Petroleum gel provides a very good strength to the nails. There are many petroleum gels available in the market like Vaseline, and many other products to ensure that your nails remain strong.

Soaking water fact:

It is preferred to avoid much interaction with the water because water always weakens the nails. If you are soaking hands like if you are having a bath or habit of washing hands then avoid working with hands because when the nails are over-hydrated then they are very fragile at that moment, and when you work with those nails then there is a very much chance of breaking the nails. So, avoid working with nails when you have direct interaction with the water. It will only result in the breaking of nails.

Garlic paste:

Another great method is to implement garlic paste over your nails. What is a garlic paste? Take some garlic in a bowl and crush them and then add some lemon and vinegar in it. Then apply it over your nails and leave it for some time. Do it on a regular basis or at least do it once in a week. It will assure the strength of the nails in a very fine manner.

Nail corner:

It is suggested no to cut the corners of the nails because the corner is the basis of the nails, and if you cut them then you will lose the strength of your nails. What are we meaning here by the corner? Corner means the edges on which the nails stand. While filing the nails don’t even cut down the corner, so the basis of the nails might not be touched, and your nails should be secured. If you accidentally cut out the corner, then it is more likely to have a cut on nails gradually, and in the end, the whole nail will be gone. So, avoid cutting the corner or edges of the nail.

Healthy diet:

The fact that everyone ignores is a healthy diet. People often overlook this fact because they just want to do diet to lose their weight, but they are ignoring the fact that a healthy diet is one of the key points to strengthen the nails. So, try to take a healthy diet to avoid all the junk foods and oily materials that are available in the market and further try eating fresh fruits and vegetables as they are very good for health and will provide great strength to your nails in a very good manner. So, have a healthy diet for healthy nails.


Stay hydrated and drink water up to a standard amount which is about eight glass a day. This standard must be followed which is very good for the health as well as the growth of nails. Water provides the necessary iron which a human body and other parts need for its growth. Water has a great effect on the skin and hence, it may also prove very beneficial for the growth of nails.


Another great thing to use is shampoo. Though shampoo is not so good for the health of hair, it, actually, weakens them. But here it is very beneficial because shampoo gives a shiny look to the nails. So, chose your shampoo very carefully because if they are drying up your nails. Then this is the symptom that your nails are not getting good nourishment. So, at that point instantly change your shampoo and improve the health of your nails.

Medical remedies:

After discussing all the natural and market available methods. Let us discuss the medical remedies now. There are many medicines available in the market which provides nourishment to the nails and gives them a charming and glowing look. Also, avoid using medicated items like hand sanitizer. It affects the nails badly and will cause the fragile nature of your nails.

Final draw:

End of the article, “10 Best tips for longer nail”. So, if you are able to successfully implement these methods, then surely you will have strong nails. If you are willing to opt-in natural ways, then you are very welcome and implement any of the methods mentioned above. It will provide nourishment to your nails and will improve their health, and if you are willing to opt medicated ways, we got you covered in that case too. Use medicated remedies to remove the fragile nature from your nails.

10 Best Tips for Longer Nail, Medical Remedies, Final Draw



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